I know you love the free templates for project management. Here are 10 of my most-requested free templates. Enjoy!
Templates for project initiation
Many people ask me for advice on how to buy a project from another person. So I created an article with a checklist and a free guideline about how to do that.
How to takeover an existing project using a free checklist

This guide will walk you through the various things to consider when starting a project, even if it isn’t yet. To be able manage the project effectively, you will need to first consider what is already in place.
Spoiler alert! Just because the project was set up in one way doesn’t mean that you have to continue running it that way. It’s yours now. You can now take it over and make it work for you.
This next set of free project management templates is about the essential documents you need in order to successfully manage a project. As you know, PMs have an almost endless list of paperwork, assets, and other things to complete. It’s not necessary to have everything. You might need it for some projects, but tailoring is the best solution.
Start with the 9 files in the article, and then add anything else.
9 Essential Project Management Documents with Free Templates: This is a comprehensive guide to the most important documents that you need to manage your projects. Templates can be downloaded from the article.

It’s important to tailor project documentation. I tend to concentrate first on the documents that I know I need (these nine essentials), and then add any additional information that would help me keep the project on track.
Templates for project planning to set up the work
Next, templates files to aid in planning. Although there are many online templates for timelines and roadmaps, they are often specific to the tool you are using. Because I do a lot in PowerPoint, I use Office Timeline.
(I also have a proper’ schedule in another program.
These templates are more for the planning part of the planning process than the scheduling.
This article will show you how to create a budget for your proposal. This article also contains a step-by–step guide to help you budget for your proposal.
20 points to include in your project management planning (with templates). This article highlights the things you should include in your project plan. It also includes downloadable resources that you can customize for your project planning.

Templates for project closure
Are you ready to close your project? I wrote a book on lessons learned called Customer-Centric project management. It made me realize how many people leave the capture and application of lessons learned until the end. This is something you absolutely shouldn’t do.
There is a place for formal lessons learned sessions at the end of any project, regardless of whether it is called a retrospective or another term. But please don’t call them a post-mortem. Your project isn’t dead! ).
Get a template to create the agenda for this session:
Template for Lessons Learned (although you should capture lessons learned throughout the project and not just at the end).

Be specific about what you need. Before everyone arrives at the meeting, make sure they are prepared for the conversation.
Templates for meetings
In addition to the above-mentioned lessons learned agenda template, I also have a selection other meeting-related templates you can use.
10 tips to make your meeting minutes great: This article will help you take good minutes and provide downloadable resources.
10 Tips to create a great meeting agenda using a free template