IT professionals have faced many problems due to the coronavirus (covid-19), pandemic. The most obvious is that millions of Americans were forced to stay home and not continue their Monday through Friday 9-to-5 workdays. John Adams said that every problem is a chance to learn. Studying for IT certifications is one of the best ways to spend your downtime.
We have compiled a list with the top 11 IT certifications that you can study at home over the next four weeks. This allows us to complete all of our training, which prepares you for the exam in less than a month.
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1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
This certification is the foundation for Amazon Web Services certifications and should be your first step if you are interested in AWS. This knowledge base covers the basics of cloud computing and foundational aspects of AWS. Prerequisites that are recommended (but not required) include at least six months of experience using AWS in some capacity (from technical to business) and a basic understanding about information technology.
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Start training. This training will help you go from a virtual blank sheet to fully prepared to work with AWS. Even if you are not a technical professional, you won’t have to invest in additional resources. This training covers all aspects of AWS cloud including EC2, S3, Virtual Private Cloud, and the overall design and infrastructure.
SPOTO cloud practitioner training is designed for non-technical professionals looking to gain awareness about cloud technologies as well as users who interact with AWS regularly in a non-IT capacity.
It takes approximately 2 hours to complete the training. This course should be completed in two days. That means you will need to dedicate an hour per day to learning. That’s it.
How long does it take for practice exams to be completed: The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification may be the easiest exam you’ll face. You should allow for one hour per practice exam, but you won’t likely need to take more than that.
How long does it take for you to master the terminology?
How long do people study to pass the exam? The majority of test-takers spend between 1 and 3 hours studying for the exam. The pass rates for candidates who took the exam for three hours or more are noticeably higher, but the rate of return is rapidly declining beyond that time.
How to tell if you are ready to take the exam. Amazon lists eight skills that are validated by the certification. Take a moment to review the list and then take a break after each objective. You’re ready for the test if you can clearly explain each ability with specific examples.

AWS currently holds a third of the market share for cloud computing. This is nearly twice its nearest competitor. This certification is essential for anyone who works with cloud computing, even if you are a specialist with another provider.
2. Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ103, soon to become AZ-104)
To earn the Microsoft Azure Administrator badge, you must pass the AZ-103 exam by Microsoft. It was created using combined material from AZ-100 & AZ-101. These exams were retired in May 2019. Microsoft’s new Azure paths are entry-level but they emphasize the value of these services.