New Horizons Australia hosted the first winner’s trip of our 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Erica Takoch, a Pittsburgh, PA resident, packed her bags and flew down to Australia for a 5-day Project Management Bootcamp. “I had six cities to choose from, and Sydney was my choice. Next was the decision about what discipline to study. I chose Project Management. Takoch said, “I’m a Business Analyst on our finance team and process management was one thing that our company needs right now.” “Magda, you are a great teacher! She not only has such in-depth training but also has real experience with project management. I can’t wait for it to all be put in place! The Sydney team went above-and-beyond expectations to show Takoch all that Sydney has to offer. They welcomed Takoch with drinks at the Opera Bar, Sydney Opera House. Takoch was treated to a variety of activities throughout the week. These included a trip to Targona Zoo, Bondi, and a Friday night at a local pub to watch the Sydney Swans football match with the locals. New Horizons Sydney deserves a huge round of applause for hosting the first winner’s trip. They have set the bar high!