New HorizonsSingapore hosted the second winner’s trip of our 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Eric Dumas, a resident of Dublin, Ireland was the January winner. He traveled from The Emerald Isle, Ireland to The Lion City, where he attended a 5-day Office 365 course at New Horizons Singapore. Dumas said, “I am one lucky winner of the New Horizons sweepstakes. It celebrates 35 years of professional training around the world; I feel even more fortunate that I chose Singapore to attend the training.” “I was greeted warmly by all the staff at New Horizons Singapore. The training was excellent and the atmosphere friendly.” Eric enjoyed a delicious dinner at a local restaurant, sampling the best of Singaporean food, and even trying the famous durian fruit. Our team took Dumas on a tour of the city throughout the week. “I am grateful to New Horizons for this amazing opportunity and forever indebted to all the staff at Singapore. I look forward to returning soon, and I would highly recommend New Horizons Singapore to anyone who is looking for training.” Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the winners’ trips!