“Toto, it’s like we’re not in Kansas anymore.” – Dorthy, The Wizard of Oz
Imagine this: You’ve just received your Project Management Certification. After all the hard work and homework you did on an Online Project Management Course, it seems that everything was finally worth it.
It turns out that you have landed in a dystopian novel, where the world is in a complete halt due to a deadly virus. This setting is very real for many of us.
There is a crisis brewing, people are losing jobs and unemployment levels are at all-time highs. Companies are seeking the best, and what worked pre-COVID in terms resumes may not work again. Let’s find out how we can show our skills in the best possible way to get the job.
Did you know that average recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing a resume? (TheLadders).
Resumes should not to be taken lightly. Although it might seem odd to send the same resume to multiple companies with the same job title, it is very common.
You will need to create a professional resume that is easy to read and format. It seems simple enough, right. However, many professionals struggle to grasp the basics. Let’s help you stay ahead of the game!
No, a professional resume should look exactly like one. There are many online tools and templates that can help you create your resume/CV. If you don’t have any prior editing skills or artistic abilities, the templates that are just a google search away will be great. Even MS Word has good examples to help you get started.
Below are 5 websites that will allow you to download templates to create your own professional-looking Resume/CV.
Novoresume – Free registration, intuitive editing
Zety – A free word template available in Zety
Myperfectresume – 14 day free trial
CoolfreeCV – Simply enter your information and a CV will be created for you. It’s completely free!
Cavna – Very attractive and easily editable. It’s free!
There are many templates that you can choose from, including one in word, one in google docs, and one in PDF editable. Remember that the Cardinal rules of Resume-making are to keep your resume short and sweet. If you have a lot job experience and your CVs are not very good, it is a sign that you are not a good candidate for the job.
A CV will be viewed by recruiters for 6 seconds on average. It is likely that many people will be looking for work in 2020 after the pandemic.
A brief summary of your skills and experience in three to four sentences will convince the recruiter that they should read your entire resume.
Your profession, greatest achievements, and top 1-2 skills are the best ways to frame your summary. It is essential that your resume stands out among the rest. This summary is the only way for recruiters to see that.
You can only stand out if you tailor your summary to the company’s requirements. Before you begin writing a resume, make sure you do your research on the company. Relying solely on the job description may not be helpful. Many people end up talking about the job they are looking for, what they are interested in learning, and how they describe themselves as an employee (dedicated professional, detail-oriented, experienced). Do not get lost in the details. Stick to the facts and keep it short.
It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, but it is important to pay attention to the format of your CV/resume. There are many ways to structure your content. The trick is to give as much information as possible to the recruiter in one go.
We haven’t listed the most popular formats, but we have listed the ones that are most preferred by recruiters. There are three ways to structure your content, depending on your experience level.
1. Inverse Chronology is a way to display your years of experience in Project Management.
Write down your experience, starting with the most recent, so recruiters can accurately gauge your level and skill set.
Do not try to describe your skills from your projects. This would make your resume bulky and unattractive.
2. Straightforward: If you have some work experience and a Project Management Certificate, or if you don’t have much experience in the field of project management, a straight-forward application is for you