Microsoft 70-486 Certification in ASP.NET MVC Web Application Design and Management. This certification is offered by Microsoft to help candidates in the design, creation, management, security, securing, and debugging of MVC projects written in C# using ASP.NET Core with Visual Studio 2019. The Certification Exam focuses primarily on the skills and knowledge required to create Microsoft ASP.NET MVC-based web applications.
Microsoft certifications are industry-recognized and can give you an edge over other candidates. A professional certification can also increase your employability and demonstrate your capabilities. This exam requires that you prepare and study well. The Microsoft 70-486 exam can be a step towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Associate. The Study Guide contains all the resources you need to pass the exam with flying colors.
Target Audience: 70-486
This exam is for professionals who use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or ASP.NET to create and develop web solutions.
Prerequisite for Microsoft 70-486
Candidates must have at least three to five years experience in developing Microsoft ASP.NET MVC-based solutions as well as knowledge of Microsoft Azure Web Apps. They should also have the following experience prior to applying for the certification.
Firstly, Designing web applications using an ASP.NET MVC framework
Second, planning and designing user interaction solutions that are based on business needs
Third, Experience with the entire software development lifecycle of web applications
Also, developing and deploying to multitier environments, including Azure
Furthermore, designing and developing asynchronous solutions
Study Guide for Microsoft 70-486
Preparation is key to passing an exam. You need to be consistent and determined in your preparations. You will also need the right resources to pass the exam. There are many resources to help you prepare. This Study Guide will give you a detailed overview of the learning resources available and the steps required to pass the exam.
Review all exam objectives
First, you will need to read the official guide for Microsoft 70-486 exam. You should familiarize yourself with the exam’s objectives and course domains. Spend enough time on each topic and be familiar with the concepts. Your knowledge will grow if you focus your study around the course domains. The official guide serves as a guideline for the exam. It includes information about the exam policies and course outline. The Official Guide is a useful reference for exam preparation. These domains are covered by the exam:
Domain 1 Design the architecture of the application (15-20%)
This domain covers the topics of designing distributed applications and planning the application layers. You will also need to design and implement the Azure web apps life cycle and configure state management. Also, create a caching strategy.
Domain 2: Develop the User Experience (15-20%)
This domain also includes concepts for planning search engine optimization and accessibility. Plan and implement globalization, as well as localization. Next, design and implement MVC actions and controllers. Also, design and implement MVC actions and controllers. Next, control application behavior using MVC extensibility point. You can also design and implement routes, serialization, and model binding.
Domain 3-Develop the build- and deployment architecture (10-15%)
This domain also covers strategies to build browser artifacts. Next, create a publishing strategy and implement an Azure deployment strategy. Also, create an on-premises deployment plan.
Domain 4-Troubleshoot & Debug Web Applications (20-25%)
This domain focuses then on topics to prevent and troubleshoot problems during runtime. Also, create an exception handling strategy and test a website application. Also, troubleshoot an Azure application
Domain 5- Design the User Experience (15-20%)
This domain includes creating elements for a user interface for a website application. You will also need to design and implement UI behavior. Next, design and implement a responsive UI layout.
Domain 6- Design and Implement Security (15-20%)
This domain covers the concepts of managing data integrity and configuring authentication. Next, configure and apply authorization. Also, you will need to design and implement claims-based authentication across all federated identity shops. Finally, create a secure website.
Instructor-led Training
This 5-day instructor-led course is offered by Microsoft to candidates who are taking Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (70-486). This course introduces advanced ASP.NET Core MVC apps using.NET Core technologies and tools. It also describes logical table designs, indexing and all the query plans. This course will teach you how to write code that will improve the performance and scalability your Web site application. The course covers common aspects of procedure programming, such as concurrency, error handling and triggers. This course will help you to master all the latest features of ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications. It is specifically designed for web developers.
Candidates must have a working knowledge of the following before they can take this training.
First, Experience with Visual Studio 2017.
Secondly, you will have knowledge of C# programming and concepts like Lambda expressions and LINQ.
Third, Efficient use of the.NET Framework.
Further, experience with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.
Also, experience with querying and manipulating ADO.NET data.
Knowledge of XML data structures and JSON data structures is next.
This Microsoft training includes 15 modules.
Explore ASP.NET Core MVC to get started
Secondly, Designing ASP.NET Core Web Applications
ASP.NET Core will then configure middlewares and services.
Further, you can find out more about Developing Views, Models and Controllers
Also, Entity Framew