Microsoft’s SQL Server platform is one of the top three relational database products in the world’s enterprise marketplace, which means that those with SQL Server skills are in high demand everywhere.Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure (70-764)is designed for those who want to become a SQL Server administrator. This exam will equip professionals who manage and maintain SQL Server databases as well as those who create applications that use SQL Server databases to deliver content.
The Microsoft 70-764 exam can help you launch your career and reach new heights. The Microsoft 70-764 exam covers a large syllabus. To make your preparations easier, we offer a Study Guide. Let’s start with the basics of the exam.
Target Audience: Microsoft 70-764
This exam is for database professionals who perform maintenance, installation, and configuration tasks. Other responsibilities include setting-up database systems, maintaining them efficiently, and regularly backing up, backing up, or securing data from unauthorized access.
Certification Details: Microsoft 70-764
Microsoft offers many certifications in a variety of fields. However, the Administering SQL Database Infrastructure (70-7644) Exam and Provisioning SQL Databases (75-765) are pathways to becoming MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration.
Source: MicrosoftStudy Guide: Microsoft 70-764
Preparation is key to passing an exam. Preparation requires consistency and determination. This study guide is specially designed to help you pass the Microsoft 70-764 Exam certification in your first attempt. Let’s get started with the preparation.
Familiarize with the Exam Course
First, you should read the official guide for Microsoft 70-761 exam. You should familiarize yourself with the objectives and course areas of the exam. You should devote enough time to each topic, and be well-versed in the subject. To enhance your preparations, you should focus your study plans around these areas. These domains are covered in the exam:
Domain 1- Configure auditing and data access (20-25%) – This domain covers the concepts of configuring encryption, data access and permissions, and configure auditing
Domain 2: Manage backup and restoration of databases (20-25%) – This domain focuses on the topics of developing a backup strategy, and restoring databases. Moreover, manage database integrity
Domain 3 Manage and monitor SQL Server instances (35% – 40%) – This domain is designed to help you understand how to monitor database activity, query performance, and manage indexes. Manage statistics and monitor SQL Server instances
Domain 4 -Manage high availability, disaster recovery (20-25%) – Finally, this domain covers concepts such as log shipping and AlwaysOn Availability groups. Additionally, you can create failover cluster instances.
Explore Microsoft Learning Resources
Microsoft offers many learning resources for the 70-764 exam. These are some highly recommended resources that you should visit to help boost your preparations.
Microsoft Learning Platform
Microsoft offers many learning paths. Candidates should visit the official Microsoft website. The official website contains all the information you need. There are many learning paths and documentations available for this exam. It is easy to find the relevant content on the Microsoft website.
Microsoft Documentation
While preparing for Administering SQL Database Infrastructure (70-764), documentation is an important learning resource. You will find documentation for every topic related to this exam. This step is extremely valuable in preparation for the Implementing an Azure Data Solution exam.
Microsoft Online Training
Microsoft also offers online training to many certifications. There are several online training courses that can be used to prepare for the Administering SQL Database Infrastructure (70-764) exam.
First, Securing Data in Azure or SQL Server
Secondly, Data Recovery in Azure and SQL Server
Managing SQL Server Operations is the third.
Instructor-Led Training
On their website, you can find the training programs that Micorosft provides. Instructor-led training is a great resource to help you prepare for the 70-764 exam. Microsoft offers the following training program.
Course 20764C – Administration of a SQL Database Infrastructure
First, SQL Server Security
Secondly, Assigning Database and Server Roles
Thirdly, authorizing users to access resources
Further, Data Protection with Encryption & Auditing
Eventually, Recovery Models were created and Backup Strategies developed.
Backup SQL Server Databases
Then, Restoring SQL Server 2016 Databases
Automating SQL Server Management
Not to mention Configuring Security for SQL Server Agent
Monitoring SQL Server with Alerts & Notifications
Also, Introduction to Managing SQL Server using PowerShell
Next, trace access to SQL Server with Extended Events
Afterwards, Monitoring SQL Server
Troubleshooting SQL Server
Lastly, Importing & Exporting Data
Explore books and guides to learn more
It is important to read guides and books that will help you learn about the exam. Microsoft recommends the following:
Exam Ref 70-764 Administration of a SQL Database Infrastructure
This book will show you how to master database administration skills in real life. It is also intended for database administrators who are responsible for installation, maintenance, configuration, and other tasks. They are responsible for setting up databases systems, maintaining them efficiently, and regularly backing up, storing, and protecting them.