Are you planning to take the Microsoft 70-765: Provisioning SQL Databases Exam Are you looking for a strategy to prepare for this credential? We have the Ultimate Study Guide for You! This guide will help you learn and excel in your career. It gives you access to the best learning resources that you should include in your preparation journey. Follow our step-by-step guide to help you pass the exam. Let’s review the exam details before we get into the Study Guide.
About the Microsoft 70-765 exam
TheExam 70-765 – Provisioning SQL Databasesexam will verify your knowledge in the integration and management of Azure applications with external resources. It also validates your ability to deploy models, migrate databases, and other applications and services. This certification will enhance your knowledge of all the latest features in SQL Server Databases and the important capabilities across SQL Server data platform. This certification exam is required for any aspirant to be eligible to earn the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), 2016 Database Administration certification.
Target Audience
This exam is intended for architects and developers who have a working knowledge of cloud service models, service model architectures, data storage options and data synchronization. It is primarily targeted at the following individuals:
Second, Senior Developers
Third, Infrastructure specialists
Then, Development leads
Recommended Knowledge and Related Certifications
Candidates should have sufficient skills and knowledge to implement SQL in Azure. They also need to be able to manage instances and databases. Candidates should have a greater working knowledge of Azure deployment models, upgrades and migrations, as well as applications and services. They also need to be able to integrate Azure applications with external resources.
These certifications are:
Firstly, MCSA Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations – This certification demonstrates a candidate’s proficiency in Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies and allows them to use the fundamental technical tasks and development tasks that are necessary to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to their operations.
MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration – This certification demonstrates a candidate’s ability to install, maintain, configure, and perform provisioning tasks.
Microsoft 70-765: Provisioning SQL Databases Preparation Guide
We now have all the information we need, let’s move on to gather all the expert resources needed to start our preparation. Preparing for an exam can be a daunting task. To excel, you must be consistent in your preparations. This study guide outlines the steps you need to take to pass the exam.
Step 1: Always start with the 70-765 Exam guide
Before you embark on any adventure, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you are getting yourself into. Reviewing each exam objective is an important part of your preparation. To get a clear picture, visit the Official Website of the Exam. It is the best site to find information about the exam. Once you have read the basics of the exam, it is time to move on to the more detailed information. Now it’s time for the exam guide. A closer look at the course outline will help you prepare. These domains are covered in this exam:
Domain 1- Implement SQL Azure (40-45%). This domain covers the concepts of Deploying Microsoft Azure SQL databases. Next, plan for SQL Server installation. Deploy SQL Server instances, and SQL Server databases to Azure virtual computers.
Domain 2- Manage databases, instances (30-35%): This exam’s second domain focuses on the topics Configure secure access for Microsoft Azure SQL databases. Next, configure SQL Server performance settings. Further, manage SQL Server instances.
Domain 3- Manage Storage (30-35%), is another domain that focuses on managing SQL Storage. Finally, performing database maintenance.
Step 2: Enrol in Instructor-led Training
Course 20765-C: Provisioning SQL Databases
This course is designed to provide students with knowledge about how to create and maintain SQL databases on-premise or in SQL Azure. This instructor provided training over 5 days and 10 modules. It was designed for individuals who manage and maintain SQL Server Databases. These individuals are more likely than others to be responsible for database administration and maintenance. This course is also available for those who create applications that use SQL Server databases to deliver content. These are the essential prerequisites for this course:
First, experience with database design
Second, candidates must have some working knowledge in Transact-SQL
Working knowledge of relational databases is also required
A few words of knowledge about the MS Windows operating system, and its core functionality.
Step 3: Learn the traditional way using Microsoft Books
The best learning resource for your preparations is books. They provide detailed information about the exam objectives. Microsoft also offers reference books that can be used to aid in studying for the exam. These books provide many useful resources that can be used to study. To get a deeper understanding of the exam objectives and to help you pass the test, visitMicrosoft Press books. Some of the books recommended are:
Exam Ref 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases
Exam Ref 70-765 Provisioning SQL databases with practice test
MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration Exam 2 Pack: Exam Refs 70-764 & 70-765
Step 4: Join the Microsoft Community
No matter where it is held, a healthy discussion is always a good thing. There are many possibilities for achieving resolutions.