Exam 98-367: Microsoft Security Fundamentals tests your knowledge of physical, Internet, and operating system security. This exam confirms that candidates have basic security skills and knowledge. It can be used as a stepping stone for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate exams. The MTA certification is a new entry-level certification that helps individuals make the first steps towards a career as a developer or IT professional. You also become a Microsoft Certified Professional when you earn an MTA certification.
Preparing for an exam can be difficult. It takes a lot of determination, hard work, and consistency to reach your goal of becoming a Microsoft Security Fundamentals certified professional. This Study Guide will give you all the information and resources you need to begin your journey towards this exam.
Target Audience Microsoft98-367
Candidates for the Microsoft MTA Security Fundamentals exam (98-367) must have hands-on experience using Windows Server, Windows-based network, Active Directory, antimalware products, firewalls and network topologies.
Learning Path
Microsoft Security Fundamentals is for those who wish to earn the MTA Security Fundamentals certification. If you are interested in a career in technology, MTA certifications can be a great place to begin. MTA certifications cover a broad range of technical concepts, validate core technical knowledge, enhance technical credibility, and assess and validate technical knowledge. Administrator is the job title.
Microsoft MTA 98-367 Study guide
If you have the right resources, passing the exam can be simple. Be sure that the content is accurate and reliable. How well you prepare for and pass the exam will depend on which resources you choose. You need to be careful when choosing preparatory materials. Below is a list of resources that you can choose from. It also outlines the steps you need to take to pass the exam.
Exam Objective 98-367: Review
The Official Guide will provide the first step to reviewing the exam objectives. Before you begin your preparations, you must be familiar with all the objectives. Clarity is essential. To make your preparations more effective, you should tailor your study plan to the exam domains. These are the Microsoft MTA 98-367 exam objectives:
Domain 1- Understand security layers (25-30%)
This domain covers concepts that help to understand core security principles. Next, you will learn about physical security and Internet security. Also, learn wireless security.
Domain 2- Understanding operating system security (35-40%)
This domain covers concepts that can be used to understand user authentication. Understand password policies and permissions. Understand audit policies, encryption, and malware.
Domain 3: Understand network security (20-25%)
It also included understanding dedicated firewalls. Understand network isolation and protocol security
Domain 4- Understand security software (15-20%)
This domain also focuses on client protection concepts. Understand email protection and server protection.
Microsoft Learning Platform
Microsoft offers many learning paths. Candidates should visit the official Microsoft website. The candidate will find many documentations and learning paths for this exam. It is easy to find the relevant content on the Microsoft website.
Microsoft Documentation
While studying for Exam 98-367: Microsoft Security Fundamentals, documentation is an invaluable learning resource. You will find documentation for every topic related to this exam. This step is extremely valuable in preparation for the exam.
Instructor-Led Training
Microsoft offers training programs on its website. Microsoft MTA Security Fundamentals exam exam 98-367 instructor-led course is an important resource to help you prepare for the exam. The instructor-led training can be found on the exam page on the Microsoft website. There are many training courses that can be taken before a particular exam. Microsoft offers the following training programs.
Course 40032-A Networking and Security Fundamentals Training 2-Pack for MTA Exams (98-366 and 983-367
Module 1: Understanding Local Area Networking
Secomdly Module 2: Defining networks with the OSI Model
Module 3: Understanding Wired and Wireless Networks
Module 4: Understanding Internet Protocol
Module 5: Implementing IP/TCP in the Command Line
Module 6: Working with Networking Services
Moreover, Module 7: Understanding Wide Area Networks
Module 8: Defining Network Infrastructures, Network Security
Module 9: Understanding Security Layers is also available.
Module 10: Authentication Authorization and Accounting is another option
Next Module 11: Understanding Security Policy
Module 12: Understanding Network Security is also available.
Module 13: Protecting the Client and Server
Course 40367-B Security Fundamentals: MTA Exams 98-367
Module 1: Understanding Security Layers is a good place to start.
Module 2: Understanding authentication, authorization, and accounting
Aldo Module 3: Understanding Security Policy
Module 4: Understanding Network Security
Module 5: Protecting the Client and Server
Books and guides – Your ultimate friends
Read books and prepare for Exams 98-367. We recommend some Microsoft MTA Security Fundamentals exam exam 98-367 books, and guides for exam 98-367.
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