Exam 98-381: Introduction To Programming Using Python will help applicants learn the principles of writing valid, syntactic Python code to solve real-world programming problems. This exam will help candidates to determine the order of execution based upon operator precedence, create and evaluate code segments that use branching statement or perform iteration and convert between and workwith data types. They will also be able to select the appropriate operator and determine which data type Python will assign to each variable. This certification introduces the Python programming language and its skills as well as how to develop, debug, and maintain Python programs.
Exam Target Audience:
Anyone who wants to become a MTA 98-381 certified Python programmer can take the test.
Recommended Knowledge for the 98-361 Exam
The learner must be capable of performing operations with data types and operators, coding and documenting code, performing input and output operations, using modules and tools, diagnosing and handling problems, and controlling flow with loops and decisions. Candidates should have at least 100 hours of Python programming experience and be familiar with its capabilities and features.
Preparation GuideMicrosoft Exam98-381: Introduction To Programming Using Python
How well you prepare for the exam will affect how well you do. You will be able to pass the exam if you choose the materials that best suit your learning style and comprehension level. This Study Guide will help you get the certification.
Step 1: Always keep your eyes on the Exam Guide
First, visit the official Microsoft website. This is a better way to go since you will always get real information from the most trusted source. It will not be difficult to find all the information you need to pass the 98-381 exam. This webpage covers everything, from the test structure to the preparation resources and featured courses. Get familiar with the exam’s objectives and course domains. You should allow enough time for each topic. Also, you should have a good understanding of the subject. This will also help you improve your preparedness. These domains are covered in the exam:
Domain 1- Perform operations using data types and operators (20-25%)
This domain first covers concepts that can be used to evaluate an expression to determine the data type Python will assign each variable. Next, perform data and data type operations. Also, determine the order of execution based upon operator precedence. To achieve the desired result, choose the appropriate operator.
Domain 2- Control Flow With Decisions and Loops (25-30%)
This domain also allows you to analyze and construct code segments that use branching statement. Additionally, you can construct and analyze code segments that perform iteration.
Domain 3- Perform input and output operations (20-25%)
This domain also includes the ability to analyze and construct code segments that perform file input or output operations. You can also construct and analyze code segments for console input and out operations.
Domain 4- Document and Structure code (15-20%)
This domain also includes document code segments that include comments and documentation strings. You can also construct and analyze code segments that contain function definitions.
Domain 5- Perform troubleshooting and error handling (5-10%)
This domain also aims to help you understand how to detect and fix errors in code segments. You will also learn how to analyze and build code segments that handle exceptions.
Domain 6- Perform Operations using Modules and Tools (1-5%)
This domain will perform basic operations with built-in modules. Using built-in modules, you can then solve complex computing problems.
Step 2 – Explore Learning Resources
Passing the exam can be easy if you choose the right set of resources. Be sure that the material you choose is trustworthy and accurate. The materials you choose will determine how successful you study and pass the exam. You should exercise extreme caution when choosing preparation materials. There are many resources available to choose from. Pick two to three resources to verify the content and provide a variety of content. Let’s take a look at some of them.
– Enrol in Instructor-led Training
Course 55264-A: Introduction To Programming Using Python
This 5-day instructor-led workshop for beginners is for students who want Python coding to solve a problem rationally. Participants will learn how to debug, write, maintain, and document Python code. It also contains all the necessary materials to help applicants prepare for the Microsoft certification exam 98-381. These are the prerequisites for this course:
First, some experience with command-line operations on Windows or Linux computers.
Second, 6 months of experience in writing code in any programming language
This course is for both novice and seasoned programmers who want the knowledge and skills to create and troubleshoot Python programs.
– The traditional way to read books
Microsoft offers reference materials that may be helpful in preparation for the test. These books contain a range of useful materials that can be used in the classroom. To find the right books, visit Microsoft Press books.
Join the Microsoft Community
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