It is crucial to take steps to prevent healthcare information being stolen. The dark web has made medical records a very popular commodity. Released medical records are not easily detectable like credit card breaches. It can take months, or even years, to find. It was revealed that 14,200 HIV-positive people who had either lived in or visited Singapore were exposed online in January 2019. This information could dramatically change someone’s life.
Healthcare organizations are required to comply with both federal and state laws to prevent data breaches and phishing attempts. Healthcare compliance also benefits providers as it prevents them from being fined by the government and streamlines their patient care processes. Healthcare compliance is ultimately about providing safe and high-quality patient care. Healthcare organizations can improve the quality of their care by complying with industry standards.
What can you do to make a complaint?
Create, distribute, implement, and maintain written policies, procedures and standards of conduct. Any provider of health care that does not comply with industry standards will lose its competitive edge, and could face severe penalties.
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