Amazon Web Services (AWS) has eased the process of upgrading and renewing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contracts from independent software vendors (ISVs).
These vendors offer as-a-service services — for networking, storage and analytics — in the AWS Marketplace in a variety of plans. These include free trials, usage-based pricing models, and contracts that could last for one, two, or three years.
The SaaS contract scheme allows vendors to define parameters like usage categories and contract length. AWS states that users who use usage-based SaaS plans tend to start small and then look to upgrade or renew as their workload expands. This is easier than ever.
AWS spokesperson said that while the original contract is still in force, buyers can communicate directly with sellers to negotiate a Private Offer that best suits their needs. The offer can include additional entitlements, pricing discounts, a payment plan, a revised contract date, and changes to an end-user license agreement (EULA). All in accordance with the needs of a buyer.
“The new terms will take effect immediately after the buyer accepts the offer.” This streamline process eliminates the need for sellers to keep track of parallel (paper and electronic) contracts and ensures buyers receive consistent service.
All SaaS vendors, users and users can now access the new functionality. It applies to SaaS contracts as well as contracts with consumption pricing.