AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies is a way to improve your cloud security skills. Here are some ways that Azure AZ-500 certification exam can enhance your skills and take you to the next level in cloud security.

Enterprises around the world have security as a top concern. Security of your computing infrastructure is a must. This includes protecting sensitive information and the infrastructure necessary to manage it. Enterprises are seeking qualified candidates with reliable certifications to manage, deploy, and maintain their security infrastructure.
The Azure AZ500 certification exam is one of many tools that will help you to pursue a promising career in cloud security with Azure. This certification will help you to improve your cloud security skills and open the door for becoming an Azure security engineer. We will discuss the key details of the AZ-500 exam as well as the ways it can help you.
Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam
Azure AZ-500 certification exam has one thing in common. It is perfect for security professionals who want to work for Microsoft Azure. The AZ-500 certification exam is required to become a Microsoft Azure Security Engineer. The Azure security engineers are responsible for implementing security controls and threat protection, safeguards data, networks, and applications in cloud and hybrid environments.
They must also look for security vulnerabilities and use various security tools to address them. Security engineers will also need to respond to security incidents, work with large teams or in collaboration.
It is important to understand the knowledge and experience requirements before appearing for Exam AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies. Candidates can clearly see the impact of the AZ-500 exam on their cloud security skills by reviewing their knowledge and experience requirements. These are the recommended knowledge requirements and experience requirements for AZ500 certification exam.
Automating and scripting are two of the most important skills.
Understanding of virtualization, N-tier architecture in cloud computing, and networking.
Expertise in cloud capabilities and Azure products.
Basic knowledge about other Microsoft products and Services
The Azure AZ500 certification exam will include performance-based technical questions. The AZ-500 certification exam registration fee is $165 USD. The AZ500 exam can be taken in English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Exam domains are the next important detail that can show how AZ500 exam improves cloud security expertise. The exam domains show the different abilities that were tested and establish the professional responsibilities for a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer. These domains are covered by the AZ-500 certification exam.
Management of access and identity.
Platform protection implementation
Security operations management.
Data and application security
Microsoft makes frequent changes to its certifications in order to keep up with new and emerging topics. Candidates should be aware of this. According to the official site of AZ-500 certification exam the exam’s content will be updated on July 29, 2020. If you look deeper into the information regarding the update, you will see that Azure would alter the weightage of each domain in this update.
How does the AZ-500 exam improve your skills in cloud security?
We now have a better understanding of the topics covered in the AZ-500 certification exam. This will allow us to analyze how it enhances our cloud security expertise.
Skills for Identity and Access Management
The AZ-500 exam has a lot to offer in terms of identity and access management. Prerequisite