Microsoft Windows Server Administration Fundamental 98 -365 Exam is for candidates who are familiar with the concepts and technologies of Windows Server administration. Candidates who pass this exam will be awarded the MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals certificate. The MTA is linked to the 98-365 exam.
MTA certification is a great way to get started in technology. MTA certificates cover a wide range essential technical ideas. They also validate core technical knowledge and increase technical credibility. This study guide will help to choose the best materials to help pass this exam. Let’s begin with some information about the test.
Prerequisites for the exam 98-365:
Candidates should have experience in a variety of areas to be eligible for the Windows Server Administration Fundamental (98-36) Exam.
First, Windows Server
Windows-based networking is second
Active Directory is the third.
Management of accounts is also available
Then, you will need to learn about System Recovery Tools and Concepts.
Microsoft 98-365 Exam: Learning Objectives
Microsoft offers learning objectives that help students understand and grasp ideas to prepare them for the exam. These test themes can be broken down into sections and subsections to make it easier for you to understand them. The Microsoft 98–365 exam provides study materials and a learning pathway to help you learn. These are the main ideas for the Windows Server Administration Fundamental (98-36) Exam:
Understanding and learning about server roles and installing servers is the first step.
Next, you will need to have a basic understanding of active directory storage.
Furthermore, understanding the process of server maintenance as well as server performance management.
Study Guide for Microsoft 98-365 Exam
Candidates should know where to start when studying for any certification exam. We have compiled a list with all the study materials that can help you pass the certification exam. Follow this study plan to get the job you want!
1. Go through all Exam Objectives
The first step in any preparation plan should be to read the Microsoft 98-365 Guide. This will help you get started. The official website is the most reliable. There is no other organization that can provide all the certification exam objectives. Next, go back through all the exam objectives. To gain greater clarity, you should also dedicate sufficient time to each exam domain. The 98-365 study guide Windows Server Administration Fundamentals covers the following topics:
First, Topic 1: Understanding Server Installation- This domain focuses upon understanding device drivers. Understanding services and understanding the options for server installation are also covered.
Topic 2: Understanding server roles – This domain includes identifying applications servers. Understanding Web services and remote access is next. Understanding file and print services, and server virtualization are also important.
Third, Topic 3: Understanding Active Directory – This domain also aims to understand accounts and groups. Understanding organizational units and containers is another important topic. Understanding Active Directory infrastructure and group policies is also important.
Topic 4: Understanding storage – This domain covers identifying storage technologies as well as typical usage scenarios. Understanding RAID redundancy is next.
Topic 5: Understanding server management- This topic also covers the identification of major components of server hardware. Event Viewer is also available for understanding performance monitoring logs and alerts.
Topic 6: Understanding server maintenance – This domain focuses on identifying the steps involved in the startup process. Understanding updates and business continuity is another important topic. Understanding troubleshooting methods is another important aspect.
Microsoft Learning Platform
To learn more about the test, candidates can use the learning materials provided by Microsoft. These study materials for the 98–365 exam can be found on the official exam site. This means that you only need to search for the 98365 exam to find the required material.
Microsoft Documentation
The next step is Microsoft documentation. Microsoft documents will help you understand the basic principles and services of window server. It has many modules that will guide you step-by-step, so you’ll have a better understanding. Microsoft documents can also be used to help you learn about Windows server, Windows-based network, Active Directory, account management, System recovery tools and other ideas.
Instructor Led Training
Microsoft has granted an advantage to candidates who use instructor-led training. This Microsoft Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 98–365 exam prep will help you understand the basics of Windows Server administration ideas, technologies, and techniques. The course will help you understand and learn server roles, server installation, and active directory. You will also learn how to manage servers and control their performance.
Join Study Groups
No matter where it is held, a healthy debate is always beneficial. The chances of finding a solution to a problem increase dramatically when there are many people involved. Moreover, it makes the material more interesting to hear different points of views. These conversations make research more interesting. Forums are a great way to build a community that helps you understand others.
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