Our partner, CertNexus, awarded New Horizons the 2021 Americas ATP Partners of the Year award.
CertNexusis a vendor-neutral certification body, providing emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials for business, data, developer, IT, and security professionals.CertNexus’ mission is to assist in closing the emerging tech global skills gap while providing individuals with a path towards rewarding careers in Cybersecurity, Data Science, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning.
TheCertNexusportfolio includes popular courses likeCertifiedCyberSecFirst Responder (CFR,CyberSAFE, andCertified Cyber Secure Coder. They offer courses in Machine Learning, AI and Data Ethics. There is a course for every client, from Business Professionals to Technical Professionals.
Congratulations for being recognized for your outstanding sales work!