Do you like to-do lists and wish to use them? Checklists, our newest feature in TeamGantt, allows you to use them in your TeamGantt Account.
Checklists allow you to add multiple actions to each task.
A quick example
Let’s say that you have a task to update your homepage. This project has a task to create a header image. The header image task requires several actions, including design, copy editing and approval.
In order to track each step, you would have to create a task in your project plan. This could lead to a chaotic timeline.
This is no longer true with checklists. You can now place action items inside a task. This makes it much easier to organize your project and timeline.
This is just one example of the many uses checklists can have. This feature has many uses. Checklists are very useful for teams that use a hybrid agile/waterfall approach in project management.
How to make a checklist
To create a checklist, click theChecklisticon just to the left of your task’s title in either theGantt chart View or theList View (see below).
You can also create your checklist using theMy Taskspage. Click the Checklisticon icon that appears when hovering over your task.
Register to create checklists now.
Please share your thoughts
Do you like the feature? Do you have suggestions? We would love to hear from you so that we can improve TeamGantt.
Enjoy a wonderful rest of the week!

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