Cisco’s Learning Credit Program was created over 10 years ago to give customers the freedom to plan when, where and what training they need to achieve their goals. As with many other things in the past few years, digitization has greatly improved training and learning. Cisco concluded that the current Learning Credit program was not in line with industry best practices and compliance requirements. It also does not meet client expectations and evolves with clients.
“Our clients are experiencing more network changes due to working from home and Covid-19 impact than ever before,” said Cisco. Cisco’s decision to adapt this program to the needs of current clients and market is a great step in continuing to provide employee development. Ryan Landry, President, New Horzions Learning Group.
Cisco has decided to end the reimbursement of Cisco Learning Credits with Learning Partners for classes that begin after June 14, 2021. The program will be reevaluated and reexamined. We are currently working with Cisco’s Partner Sales, CX Partner Practice and CX Partner Practice teams in order to create a more modern and digitized model that better represents and strengthens the continued success of our valued Clients. Below are key dates and details:
June 14, 2021
Last day to buy Cisco Digital Learning Libraries from New Horizons with CLCs.
Our clients may continue purchasing Cisco training through New Horizons.