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Everyone thought that economics books had to be boring until Thomas Friedman hit the bestseller list with The World Is Flat. Then everyone thought the next book club pick had to be an economics text as well. The seesawing has died down, thank goodness, but we are left with the question of how to pick a good book on economics and not feel like we’ve dined on sawdust by the end of the first chapter. The answer is to look to ordinary readers who’ve read the book and reviewed it. You can find their descriptions and opinions about current and classic books on economics and finance in our article database. Book reviews on all subjects are collected here. Macroeconomics and microeconomics textbooks, books on international finance and trade, even basic introductions for youth have been reviewed by business students and professors as well as non-experts. Research before buying — that’s your contribution to intelligent economic policy!
Displaying 1-9 of 9 result(s).Who Says No One Could Have Seen The Us Housing Crash Coming – A Book ReviewPosted by Lance Winslow. Published on Oct 16, 2009 Many politicians and even the media claim that no one saw the housing bubble burst coming. Well, that is so silly, it's almost ludicrous as anyone that studies real estate cycles, or economics would agree. Still, if you happen to be amongst the masses who actually believe such purported media claims, I'd sure like to recommend a very good book to you. The book is called: China's Future In The World – Book ReviewPosted by Lance Winslow. Published on Sep 05, 2009 Many of those who study world affairs, international politics, and perhaps, read Foreign Affairs magazine each month; they understand that the biggest new development and for the next two decades will be the rapid economic growth of China. The United States has been fueling the Chinese build-up as their GDP has hit the number three spot in the world and slightly slipped back to number four, although it will soon pass both Japan and Germany in GDP. How To Trade – Book Review – John Murphy, Intermarket AnalysisPosted by Clinton Lee. Published on Jul 11, 2009 In depth book review of Intermarket Analysis, authored by John Murphy. Focus on chapters 3, 7 and 11-14, which makes up about 46% of the book. These chapters are relevant for practical trading purposes. Key points for these focus chapters are summarized from a retail trader's perspective. How Did The Global Financial Crisis And Bubble Happen?Posted by Lance Winslow. Published on Jun 17, 2009 Former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan made a very interesting comment when he testified before congress after the Global Financial bubble burst of late 2008. When asked how did this happen, he made a number of astute observations and comments, of course the most telling and one that has been repeated the most was; "I couldn't believe that bankers would act this way against their own interests" or something to that point. Was it more irrational exuberance, only this time aimed at the banking sector? Is Our Economy A Reality? A Book Review On A Surprising Book Of Economic HistoryPosted by Lance Winslow. Published on May 09, 2009 If economic theory has always bothered you or if you are a free market thinker or even a socialist intellectual, then there is one book that you can read, no matter who you are that will definitely pique your curiosity. I recommend this currently popular economic book to all: "False Economy – A Surprising Economic History of the World" by Alan Beattie; Riverhead Books (a Penguin Publishing Group Company); New York, NY; (2009). ISBN 9781594488665. World's Dependency On OilPosted by Lawrence Leary. Published on Mar 20, 2009 In today's society the world has grown to very dependent on the consumption of oil. Many countries have grown away from previous forms of energy and have made oil their primary source of energy. As the world continues to grow, the developing countries acquire a thirst for crude oil. Home Made Energy GuidePosted by Dillon Wayne. Published on Jan 08, 2009 Home Made Energy is a guide that will teach how to make solar panels and wind turbines for under 200$! I researched this product quite a bit, and a high percentage of people are fully satisfied. With the recession and the growing energy costs this could come in handy. If you are like most people in America paying outrageous prices for energy, or just want to help the environment, this a something to buy. Confessions Of A Mortgage InsiderPosted by Shannon Evans. Published on Jan 04, 2009 Have you wondered why the mortgage and banking industry are in their current shape of disarray? Did you ever wonder how some people managed to get something for nothing and leave us the average tax payer footing the bill? Suze Orman Shares Investing Common Sense With Women & MoneyPosted by Lisa Manyon. Published on Nov 11, 2008 Money is a topic you either embrace or avoid. Orman's book delivers straight talk on investing for women and building individual wealth. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.