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Times have changed, and so have priorities. If, in the old days, the focus had been harnessing energy sources to the fullest extent possible, today, the emphasis is on energy conservation and how to juice out the most out of the little energy we use. One of the more lasting global programs in the field of energy conservation is Daylight Saving Time. More commonly known as DST, Daylight Saving Time is said to be responsible for trimming Americans’ electricity usage by one percent each day. The U.S Congress first placed the country on DST in 1918, out of the need to save resources for the war effort. The articles in this section are all about energy from its sources and uses to the most recent innovations in the field.
Displaying 1-8 of 8 result(s).Run Your Automobile On Alternative Fuels -this Is The FuturePosted by Bethany Cash. Published on Feb 08, 2010 The world is currently passing through a crisis. It is facing serious threats from international terrorism, natural disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, economic meltdown, ethnic conflicts, and the threat of cancer and AIDS. Information About Haitian NewsPosted by James Verdin. Published on Jan 19, 2010 Looking for great news provided about Haiti. If you are, you need to check out 1804 News. Understand Another One Of The 5es – Energy Is No Longer CheapPosted by Michael W Farrell. Published on Oct 21, 2009 We all use Energy for transportation, heating/cooling, and perhaps recreation. And, at times there is much conversation about Peak Oil and high energy prices. So we should all be dialed in to the issues and investment themes associated with energy. The Workings And Advantages Of Led BulbsPosted by Anthony Leger. Published on Sep 25, 2009 As the compact florescent light bulb has started to rapidly replace the aging incandescent light bulb in recent years, a new type of bulb is emerging that may replace them both. The light emitting diode (LED) bulb has advantages that make it a superior technology. The Battle For GwadarPosted by Zeeshan Rahat Kureshi. Published on Sep 22, 2009 Gwadar is a deep sea warm water port located in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Gwadar is located at 180 nautical miles (400 km) from the Strait of Hormuz through which more than 70% of the world's oil supply passes. It is just 72 km from the Iranian border. Buying The Right Solar PanelsPosted by Deb Primrose. Published on Aug 03, 2009 Do you know what to look for when you buying solar panels? If you are setting up a solar panel system for the first time, here are some tips on what to look for before you go shopping. How To Make Your Own Electricity – Alternative Energy SourcesPosted by Ryan K Lim. Published on Mar 29, 2009 Electricity is now more expensive than ever and has become a burden for modern people. Fortunately there are several solutions you can choose to handle this energy problem, using several of these solutions can help you generate energy cost at a free price and no need to worry with the supply. Let's take a look at several of these solutions. Solar Power Technology And International RelationsPosted by Anne Clarke. Published on Dec 19, 2008 Solar power and other alternative energy matters are of great international interest. This is especially true for China and the United States, the top two emitters of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.