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Equestrian and horse riding require the knowledge of a lot of technical aspects. In this section of the site, we offer you the complete guide to the facts and techniques required to master the art of equestrian and horse riding. Read what our experts have to say about equestrian riding and learn various tips on controlling the horse by controlling his speed, gait and direction. We also include here the various tournaments and competitions happening world wide in the field of equestrian riding. The section also features topics relate to equestrian riding like injury to the horses, the tips on horse training, tips on riding, the latest news and scandals in the field of equestrian riding, the best of performers, grooming you horse or equestrian and so on. You can get the links to the various organizations associated with the game. We also offer advice on the best gear and equipment for the equestrian riding. So hold on to your reins, while we unleash the complete knowledge of the equestrian riding to your galloping mind.
Displaying 1-9 of 9 result(s).Blinkers On Racing Stable – Offering Thoroughbred Racehorses For SalePosted by SEO Consulting. Published on Jan 17, 2010 With some money to invest, one might consider purchasing, or investing in a thoroughbred racehorse. Building An Emergency Temporary Horse StallPosted by Irsan Komarga. Published on Oct 15, 2009 In the case of an emergency, you can fix a temporary horse stall. This is encase your horse managed to push his fence down, or became spooked and ran threw the fence. If it is the middle of the night and you cannot repair the fence here is what you can do. Choosing The Best Horse Riding Stables And EquipmentPosted by Ayman Halabi. Published on Sep 15, 2009 You have decided that you want to take horse back riding lessons, but you have no idea how to get started. Luckily, there are endless resources available and you should have no problem getting started. Choosing your horse stables is essential for a great riding experience. We tell you here how to choose the best riding stables and equipment. Does Your Horse Love You?Posted by Anne Gage. Published on Mar 23, 2009 You love your horse and provide him with the best of everything that you possible can. But, does your horse really care about you? Read this article to find out what is really important to your horse. Horse Riding Tips – Techniques To Ride A HorsePosted by Bryan Burbank. Published on Mar 06, 2009 When you are first starting out and learning how to ride a horse it is important for you to know that choosing the right horse for you is important. It is important that you choose a horse by its temperament not by how pretty it is because in many cases you need a gentle horse to start out riding on and if you get one that is hard to ride then it is going to be more difficult for you to learn. It is easy also when you are learning to ride to think that it is easy and you do not need help because you know what to do even though you are inexperienced. Flight Check – 9 Tips To Start Each Ride Out RightPosted by Michele Morseth. Published on Jan 07, 2009 Here's a quick warm up to take you from work to riding. Many riders spend the beginning of each ride warming up and making their horses supple but they forget to warm up themselves. These 9 easy movements will help you be supple, balanced, and coordinated so you are ready to ride. Your hips, shoulders and neck will feel more relaxed and you'll find yourself in the riding position. If you do them regularly they will help you build awareness of your spine and seat bone and you'll know how to release tension. Try these 9 quick Flight Checks to help you loosen up and find your riding posture so you're ready to ride. Rider Fitness And Equestrian SportsPosted by Sarah Tymeson. Published on Dec 26, 2008 What can happen when a rider is NOT fit for equestrian sports. As nearly all equestrians know, horses mimic in their bodies what takes place in the rider's body. So, if a rider is not physically fit, they cannot expect their mount to perform at his highest potential. The Changing World Of SaddleryPosted by Tommy McClelland. Published on Dec 12, 2008 In the past saddles were handcrafted out of the finest materials and decorated with great flair. The leather was tanned, dyed, rubbed and polished until it gleamed. The new world of saddlery is less about aesthetics and more about functionality. 10 Steps To Regaining Your Confidence In The SaddlePosted by Anne Gage. Published on Dec 06, 2008 There is something in the horse world that is quite common, but not often spoken about. Fear or loss of confidence can affect any horse person and is more prevalent than you realized. If fear is affecting your enjoyment of riding, these 10 steps will start you on the journey back to being a confident rider. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by SynArticles.com, All Rights Reserved.