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Feng Shui is a Chinese word meaning water of the wind when directly translated into English. In the ancient world the term referred to the preparation of a person for the next life where he choose his burial place and did all that which would create harmony of the people left behind and his eternity. Today Fend Shui means the systematic arrangement of item to link the person抯 physical being and his immortality. This is applied in homes by arranging things as the furniture in a manner that you seem to draw energy from them than the furniture draining energy from you thus weakening you.Feng Shui can be related to other practices as yoga for they are ancient and use natural occurring objects or bodies to improve the quality of our lives. In this section we have explained fully all there is about Feng Shui, the acceptable arrangements which are referred to as the nine stars, the benefits and the way to gain from the practice everywhere.
222781677515125132651005874165112459429592204Displaying 1-10 of 10 result(s).Three Garden Feng Shui Magic Tricks For A Healthier Happier GardenPosted by Ling Meng on October 18, 2009 These three garden Feng Shui "magic tricks" aren't exactly magic per se, but they can do wonders for the way your garden thrives and can also attract more of the good energy vibes you want to have flowing toward you and your family! The neat thing about implementing Feng Shui for your garden? The benefits don't just stop there…your family and your property derives ongoing blessings from the efforts you put forth in your garden. Benefits Of Feng Shui For Your ReviewPosted by Cynthia Parker on July 27, 2009 We all have practiced or learned the different techniques of Feng Shui but have not truly seen any benefits of it. The ancient old art form of decorating and life scripting can be pretty hard to understand if you don't get the full benefit. How To Personalize Your Feng ShuiPosted by Chriss Barr on July 4, 2009 If you really want to focus in on a particular area of your life set up your personal feng shui Success, Health, Relationship and Wisdom directions. It's more specific to you and you'll get faster results. The Abc's Of Nursery Feng ShuiPosted by Dorothy Slater on June 6, 2009 For first time parents, welcome to parenthood, and for those preparing to make use of the old rocking horse and crib buried shoulder deep amongst other acquired mess in the garage, welcome back! As many second, third or even fourth-time parents will know, the right environment and mood surrounding your child can provide them with the best possible start in life. Everything from your baby's mood, mental and physical health to their awareness and emotions can be soothed or inspired by nursery Feng Shui. How To Feng Shui Your HomePosted by Diana Le on April 9, 2009 Your home is not just a structure of walls, but also a place of relaxation and reprieve from everyday life. It is believed that the elements of your home greatly affect your daily life and Feng Shui can help direct this. Reach Harmony in your House by following these simple Feng Shui steps. 10 Useful Feng Shui Tips To Bring Love And Warmth Back In Your HomePosted by Nick Mutt on February 20, 2009 Many husband-wives spend all their time fighting each other. This not only affects their marriage life but also have a bad effect on their children. In this article you will learn how Feng Shui helps in bringing warmth and love back in your home. A Feng Shui Living Room Is PeacefulPosted by Levi Parker on January 25, 2009 One of the most important places in a home can benefit from feng shui. Living room decor usually takes a lot of thought. Most of us are quite happy to spend some extra cash on this room. It is the place in the home that is shared by the whole family. Outdoor Feng ShuiPosted by Sheri Ruston on January 20, 2009 Many homeowners pay careful attention to designing the inside of their homes and forget to take a good look at the outside. What does the exterior of your home look like? Does it convey a feeling of success and wealth, or does it suggest a feeling of poverty and misfortune? Simple Feng Shui Tips For The Holiday SeasonPosted by Maureen Calamia on December 22, 2008 If you don't have a fireplace, light some soy candles around your main living space. The Fire element is about love, sincerity, and delight. Sitting around the warm glow of fire stirs a deep desire for community. It's the element that helps you to connect to others on a meaningful level. How To Apply Feng Shui RulesPosted by Lucy Watson on December 7, 2008 Feng Shui never gets lost even in the western world. It has been the principle behind the success and prosperity of many people. They are used not only by the Chinese but also by other nationalities in making their dream house or building their establishments. Feng shui rules are widely used in decorating homes, arranging furniture, and in different aspects of life as well. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.