Any professional, regardless of industry, who wants to pursue a career in Project Management, or has been in that field for a while, should evaluate his requirements to become Project Management Professional (PMP(r)) certified. There is no perfect Project Manager and no Project Manager can claim to know everything about Project Management. This is where PMP(r), certification really comes in handy and is beneficial for the professional.
The journey to PMP(r), certification is an unforgettable experience that will prepare, correct, and/or improve the professional as a Project Manager.
ProThoughts was one of the first concepts to be established in India a few years ago. It is a Project Management Solutions company…yes, a complete one-stop solution for all your Project Management needs.
ProThoughts has created the LEARN – ENABLE-APPLY concept. This concept is very important and must be considered.
ProThoughts organizes PMP Certification Workshops in various cities of India, including Pune. This workshop is part of the first step of LEARN. After you have been certified and have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge, you will need to use the tools and apply these skills and knowledge to your job. ProThoughts expects everyone who is certified through the PMP Certification workshops for LEARN to stay with the company until they are certified for ENABLE or APPLY.
This concept creates a long-lasting relationship between ProThoughts and each PMP(r), once they are associated with the firm. Both parties must find mutual benefit.
These are 5 reasons PMP(r), aspirants should consider ProThoughts:
1)Value of the association as provided by LEARN – ENABLE – APPLY
2)Rita Mulcahy study material to PMP(r), workshop
3)Very Very Competitive in terms of Benefits
4) Value for Money Good ROI
5)We strive to make you ‘Succeed with Your Projects’