On his way to work one afternoon, he noticed a strange number of people congregating around a small-brownish structure in the middle of town. He left his house five hours earlier than normal and still had time before his 11:00 p.m. shift.
He was intrigued by the number of people in town, many of whom were walking faster than normal. He turned his attention to a woman who seemed to be aware of what was going on. She said, in a friendly tone, “Today is the last day for you to apply to Diversity Immigrant Program, sir.”
He was about to turn around to go back to work when she said that ‘every year it grants 50,000 permanent residence visas to United States. It costs only $5 to apply, and millions do it all around the globe. It was well worth it.
He stopped for a moment, then pulled out his wallet from his back pocket. He had just enough money to pay the application fee. He was given a paper form and filled it out with his personal details. Then he left for work. He was granted one the most sought-after visas in the country and immigrated to the United States in 2013.
Kwame Ohemeng was born in Ghana, a country in west Africa that is just north of the Gulf of Guinea. It is home to one of the most stable economies on the continent of Africa, and it’s rightfully so because of its vast gold reserves.
He spent his teenage years playing video games and watching TV until he realized he was wasting his time and that he was wasting his time. He was about to finish high school and needed to work towards a better future.
He knew he was good at technology so he decided that HTML would be his hobby. He realized that he needed to learn how type without looking at the keyboard to be able to learn faster. He did and he learned HTML, CSS and Joomla, Drupal, WordPress. He now invests every second he used to play video games on his studies.
He enrolled at college to pursue a degree as a telecom engineer. He completed his degree and also took a 6-month Cisco training program. This course helped him get a job at Ghana Television. After working there for a few years, he decided to switch companies and become a Network Specialist at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.
He gained valuable experience in this role by assisting with the implementation of modern routing and switching platforms and troubleshooting ISP connectivity. He stopped to ask why so many people were grouped together in the same area while he was on his way to work. This led to him receiving a one-way free ticket to Uncle Sam’s house.
He expected to continue his technology career in America after he arrived. It wasn’t as easy as he thought.