Do you want your team to be able to grasp a wide range of topics in the rapidly expanding field of cybersecurity? The SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals is the first exam that anyone should take if they want to learn the basics of security, compliance, and identity-over-cloud-based and associated Microsoft services. This article will provide an overview of the benefits and limitations of the SC-900 Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals certification.
About Microsoft SC900 certification
The SC-900 exam measures a candidate’s ability to describe security, compliance and identity; capabilities for Microsoft identity and access management systems; Microsoft Security solutions; Microsoft compliance solutions.
The SC-900 exam is passed to earn the “Microsoft Certified Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals” certificate. This certification gives you great access the following associate-level security certifications, which include other relevant Microsoft security-related products and/or services.
Audience: This certification is intended for business stakeholders, IT professionals (new or old), and students with an interest in Microsoft Security, compliance, identity solutions, and security.
Prerequisites: Candidates must have certain knowledge bases, specializations and prior certifications in order to be certified as an IT professional. The SC-900 – a fundamental-level certification, does not require too many prerequisites. This credential will give you a solid foundation for higher level certifications.
These are the prerequisites for SC-900 certification.
Candidates must have a basic understanding of cloud computing and networking concepts.

They should have some knowledge of the industry or previous experience in a technological environment.

They should be familiar with the basics and features of Microsoft 365 as well as Microsoft Azure.

SC-900 Exam Format and Pattern: The SC-900 qualifying exam has 40-60 questions. Multiple-choice questions, scenario, true/false, drag and drop, or case study questions are all possible. These questions can be answered in 65 minutes by candidates.
The exam is easy and marked on a 1000 point scale. To pass the exam, candidates must score at least 700 points (or 70%). Candidates can either take the exam at a testing centre or self-proctored. The fee is Rs. Application fee of Rs. 3696 plus taxes
The SC-900 exam doesn’t have an expiry date so recertification of the exam is not necessary.
Why should your staff undergo SC-900 training?
It is more important than ever to secure this space due to the constant shift of organizations towards modern workplaces. The SC-900 certification is an excellent way to get started in the Microsoft security industry. Let’s look at the benefits of SC-900 certification and training for your employees.
After completing the certification training course, your employees will be able to fully understand the security-related solutions offered by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

Your employees will be able to work with security solution architects and security operations analysts to maintain a strong security posture.

Training for the SC-900 certification is a great way to build rapport with clients and other stakeholders in a managerial role.

Your staff will learn how to work with security solution architects and security operations analysts in order to maintain your organization’s security.

Why choose NetCom Learning to provide Microsoft SC-900 training
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The complete SC-900 certification is covered in our Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals Course. It provides a foundational level knowledge on security, compliance and identity concepts as well as related cloud-based Microsoft solutions. Our SC-900 webinar/on-demand class helps your team learn tips to pass the Microsoft SC-900 exam and certification course.
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