PMP certification refers the qualification of project management professionals.
The Project Management Institute (PMI), which organizes the PMP certification exam, has been promoted in more that 190 countries and regions. It is currently the most valuable certification in project management.
A PMP certificate is not only a way to improve the project management skills of a project manager but it also reflects the manager’s personal competitiveness. It is a symbol for the status of project management professionals.
Since 1999, PMP certification in China has been promoted. Prometric, an international proctoring organization, will conduct invigilation.
PMP is an internationally recognized certification exam in project management.
1. PMP has trained many project management professionals in the United States. The project management profession has been deemed the “golden profession” of the United States.
2. The PMP certification is now an international standard. The certification exams can be taken in nine languages, including English, German and French.
3. There are currently more than 800,000. PMPs around the world. More than 180,000 people in China have been awarded the title of “PMP”. This number is growing year by year.
4. The United States has inspired countries to adopt the project management certification system and encouraged the development of project management around the world.
Candidates must meet the requirements of Project Management Institute (PMI) to obtain the PMP professional certificate. This includes mastery of project management and relevant work experience. On the other side, PMP certified professionals should continue to work on projects.
Adapt to the changing requirements of project management development.
There are many applicants for the PMP project manager exam. This is not only because it is one of the most sought-after certificates in the IT industry but also because many project managers can use it to get promoted, raises in salary, or to switch jobs. How do you choose the right training institution for PMP training?
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2. The principle of proximity should be used because it is convenient for you to attend class and you don’t have the hassle of running around.
However, it is important to consider the reputation and cost-effectiveness of the training institution.
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PM carefully assesses the knowledge and skills of project managers by certifying them with high-quality certification exams.
Its purpose is provide a standard industry standard for project managers.
The American Project Management Association currently offers two certification exams: the PMP (Project Manager) exam and the CAPM (Project Management Assistant exam). There are more than 190 countries and regions that have established certification and examination institutions.
It is the most valuable certification in projec.