Anthony Nguyen is a Security Solutions Architect at Amazon. Sam Stuber, from NexGenT Career Services, spoke to him about his career in IT security and cybersecurity. Students had the opportunity to ask him questions about his success after the interview.
Although the interview was an hour long and filled with useful tips, Anthony shared his own experiences. This condensed highlight offers a wealth of great job search tips.
Anthony shares these insightful thoughts in this interview:
The triumphant steps Anthony took to get to Amazon. How failures can be opportunities. Click here to learn more about the incredible resources and references Anthony provides.
How to Interview at Amazon. This guide is written specifically for Amazon job seekers. However, it can be used for any job that you are applying for. Included are sections on behavioral-based interviewing, the STAR answer format, tips for great interview answers Cybersecurity Slides: While Anthony took the time to share exclusive knowledge with NexGenT students, he has also mentored students in the past at places like UC Irvine. He shared the slides he uses for helping students understand the various paths into IT and cybersecurity. Link to InfoSec 101: How To Be A Cybersecurity Expert Slides HereCoding Interviews and Challenges: Use websites such as Leet Code to improve your skills and prepare you for technical IT interviews.
Are you ready to reach out to technical IT recruiters. You can find our step-by-step guide and email templates.