Although project management is a common topic, it is rarely discussed in a personal way. While we often talk about process-driven topics and the analytical aspects of project management, we often forget that the people behind them make the projects happen. What’s the best way for us to start the conversation? We will talk one-on-one with them about the issues that are important to them.
This is the first episode in PM Matters, a Q&A series that examines issues that are important to project managers and the wider project management community. This series was a pleasure to produce with TeamGantt. I know it will bring to light some of these issues and, more importantly, the solutions that we develop, but it will also give the community a more personal voice. Each interview will be customized to the interviewee’s background and interests. To get to know these people and get their insights, I am having conversations with them. I hope you enjoy this series. Please get in touch if you would like to be interviewed or have suggestions for topics or questions.
Episode One: Rachel Gertz
Rachel Gertz is a trainer for digital project managers and coowner of Louder Than Ten. Louder Than Ten is a school for creative people who manage their projects. She is very active in the field of digital project management and brings a lot of great ideas online and in person. She is currently:
A co-blogger at Every Day DPM
Co-chair of the Vancouver DPM Meetup Chapter
At events such as the Digital PM Summit, a speaker
Writer for magazines such
Coax is a digital magazine for project managers.
Louder Than Ten is a teacher, project manager, and all-around force of nature.
This episode features us discussing the issues that are important to us. We talk about digging in and being the real project manager. Rachel offers great advice to PMs just starting out and those in difficult situations. It was a great conversation that I look forward to re-watching in a future episode.
You can read the complete transcript here
Brett: Hello everyone. This is Brett Harned. I’m here to help Rachel Gertz with her furry microphone. Hi, Rachel.
Rachel: Hi. How is it going guys?
Brett: It’s there. It looks like a head of a Muppet, and it’s what I love. Rachel is a digital PM trainer and lover. Louder Than Ten is a school that trains people in creative projects. Rachel is a close friend of mine. She is currently in Vancouver, British Columbia and does a lot of great work for digital project management. Rachel, how are you?
Rachel: I’m doing great. Thanks so much, Brett. How are you doing?
Brett: Thank you. It’s so nice to have you. I have had the pleasure of talking to you many times, but never in this formal setting.
Rachel: We usually send giphys back-and-forth. This is quite nice.
Brett: Let’s get started. I know people who love podcasts that are short. I have many questions for you. Let’s have some fun. Let’s start with this question, which I haven’t asked you before. How did you get started in project management?
Rachel: I believe I started digital project management by accident, just like many other digital project managers. My story is that I was in the stomach of a Winnebago while I was traveling North America, when I started digital project management. My husband and I decided that we were done living with picket fences. We had enough with condos. We bought a Winnebago, and ended up working from the road for nine months on digital projects.
Brett: That’s awesome. Brett: That’s awesome.
Rachel: It’s evolved a lot. We now run a school for creative project managers. We are focusing on digital, but our ultimate goal is to create a school that allows people to come in, even if they have never heard of digital project managing, and leave feeling like an expert.