Python is a programming language that has seen tremendous growth and popularity year after year. It is 4th most popular programming language, after C, Java, and C++. Python certifications are the standards which assess your knowledge of computer programming and, more specifically, object-oriented programming. Microsoft, the market leader, offers certifications for a wide range of popular technologies, including JavaScript, Microsoft Azure, and JavaScript. These certifications are highly valued by the IT community. Microsoft currently offers one Python programming certification on its certification list: the MTA 98-381 Introduction to Programming Using Python certification. We will discuss this in detail.
MTA 98-381: Introduction To Programming Using Python Exam Information
Microsoft offers the 98-381: Introduction To Programming Using Python certification. This certificate is for applicants who are able to:
Write Python code that is syntactically correct

Learn about the different data types available in Python

Interpret and modify existing Python codes

The MTA certification will be awarded to applicants who pass the Microsoft 98-381 exam. Microsoft 98-391 certified professionals can work professionally with Python and are qualified to explore the advanced facets and technologies of the universal programming language.
MTA 98-381 Exam Details
Name: Introduction to Programming Using Python

Code: 98-381

Total number of questions: 40

Duration: 45 minutes

70% Passing Score

Question Type: Drag and drop, a selection of the drop-down lists, single-choice or multiple-choice questions

Associate Level

Price: $127

Languages: English (French, German), Japanese, Korean (Brazil), Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), and Spanish

More than 100 hours of instruction/practical experience in the Python programming language, familiarity with the capabilities and features of Python, skill to understand, write, debug, and manage well documented Python code
MTA 98-381 Exam Goals

How to prepare for the MTA 98-381 Introduction To Programming Using Python Exam
Microsoft 98-381, a crucial Python certification exam is not an easy one. It is a challenging exam. Without proper preparation, there is no way to pass it. This exam will open the door to many opportunities. You should be motivated to succeed in the exam.
These tips will help prepare you for the Microsoft Python certification exam 98-381 and ensure that you pass it with high marks.
1. Learn the 98-381 Exam Objectives
The Microsoft 98-381 exam questions will be based on the objectives. To understand the objectives of the Microsoft 98-381 exam, you need to first go through them all.
2. Get the Best Study Resources
To pass the Microsoft exam, you will need to work hard and be smart. You can only pass the Python certification exam if your study materials are appropriate. There are many forums, blogs, and sites that provide the best Microsoft 98-381 study materials. Not all sites offer reliable preparation resources. Some study resources are not authentic, while others may not contain all the information. Other resources may contain superficial information that isn’t useful. Before you use any exam preparation materials, ensure that they are accurate, current, and reliable.
3. Take instructor-led training
Some applicants prefer to study on their own for the Microsoft 98-381 exam. Others will benefit from an instructor-led training program. To learn all about the 98-381 exam, you can enroll in a training program. The instructor will help you understand the exam content and provide you with more tips for passing the real exam.
4. MTA 98-3881 Practice test
MTA 98-381 practice test will give you an idea of what to expect on the actual exam. You can get a feel for the exam by practicing with 98-381 questions. You can quickly identify the areas you need to focus on with them. It is also important to know whether MTA 98-381 practice exams are reliable. You need MTA 98-381 practice exams that are reliable, cover the latest 98-381 exam questions, and include all exam objectives. offers the most reliable MTA98-381 practice exams. The Microsoft 98-33181 practice questions on the Edusum website can be used to help you prepare for the actual exam.
5. Participate in an Online Community or Forum
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