We all know the value of the WatchGuard Network Security Essentials Certificate, which is widely accepted as the standard in expertise. It is essential to have a solid understanding of basic networking concepts and how to configure, monitor, and manage a WatchGuard Firebox in order to attain Network Security Essentials certification. This cheat sheet will help you to understand the various areas and methods that will help you earn this certificate.
The Network Security Essentials exam can be taken by network administrators who are skilled in configuring Firebox devices that work Fireware 12.4.
We will now discuss the key concepts behind Network Security Essentials Cheat.
Network Security Essentials Cheat – Key Concepts
These key concepts are essential to successfully pass the WatchGuard Network Security Essentials exam revision.
Fireware Knowledge
First, firebox activation and initial set-up
Second, Network configuration
Thirdly, Policy configuration and proxy configuration
Then, Subscription services configuration
Next, User authentication
Monitoring, logging, reporting and monitoring devices
Finally, branch office and mobile VPN configuration
General Network and Security Knowledge
Firstly, IPv4 networking concepts. Subnets, DNS TCP/IP, DHCP and NAT are all examples.
Next, general understanding firewalls
Test environment
This exam is online proctored and offers two locations testing options: Kryterion testing center n Online and virtual proctoring via an approved webcam
Prerequisites for taking the exam
There are no prerequisites for this exam. The instructor-led Network Security course or the Network Security video course are recommended but not required.
Cheat Sheet: Network Security Essentials
WatchGuard is a unique network security solution that provides unparalleled access. It focuses on providing enterprise-grade security to all businesses, regardless of their size or technical expertise. WatchGuard certification will make you ideal for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and disseminated enterprises. It is essential to have the right resources and a clear path in order to prepare for the exam. This cheat sheet will make your preparation process easy and help you pass the exam confidently.
1. Exam Objectives: Getting familiar with them
It is important to understand and be familiar with the primary goals of the Network Security Essentials Exam. Understanding the exam objectives will help you to better understand the exam. You will also be better able to match your abilities with the primary objectives of the exam. It also aids in the evaluation of and marking areas that may need to be examined later. The following list outlines the topics covered in the WatchGuard Network Security Essentials certification exam.
Network Security Basics (10%)
IPv4 addresses, routing and subnetting (WatchGuard Documentation):Use a 31 bit or 32 bit Subnet Mask,Understanding IPv4Subnetting (Part 1),IPv4Subnetting (Part 2)
The Network Address Translation (WatchGuard Documentation:Network Address Translation (NAT)
Next, you will need packet headers (TCP IP, HTTP). (WatchGuard Documentation :HTTP Request Header Fields,Firebox Configuration best practices)
The MAC addresses (WatchGuard Documentation:Wireless MACAddress of a Trusted Access Point)
Network services, ports and protocols (WatchGuard Documentation -About Ports,Firewall Setting)
Administration and Setup (10%)
Firebox default policies and network settings (WatchGuard Documentation:Factory-Default Settings,Setup Wizard Default Policies, and Settings,Firebox Configuration Best Practices)
Fireware Web Setup Wizard (WatchGuard documentation:Run the Web Setup Wizard).
Feature keys (WatchGuard Documentation -About Feature Keys).
WatchGuard Documentation: Firebox backup and restoration