New Horizons Learning Group is excited to announce our partnership with Blockchain Training Alliance in order to provide cutting-edge Blockchain training and certifications.
Blockchain skills are growing at the second-fastest rate of any IT skill. Blockchain courses will help enterprises keep up with technology’s speed and demands. They also provide employers and workers with the proven benefits of Blockchain skills certification. Your organization will benefit from a high-level overview of blockchain and hands-on training in Ethereum or Hyperledger.
Ready to get started? Check out our Blockchain courses and find the right one to meet your tech needs. Or speak to one of our experts.
Get a better understanding of how blockchain technology works. Download the white paper “Blockchain – The Future Is Decentralized” This whitepaper explains how blockchain technology works, and how it can be used to achieve conventional goals. It demonstrates how blockchain has improved efficiency and effectiveness in the areas of supply chain management, development aid, economic growth, renewable energy, and other areas.