What’s the deal at Microsoft? AZ – 101, 103, and 103 explained

Share this post:In September at Microsoft Ignite Orlando, Microsoft presented several new role-based certifications. As an early adopter, it was exciting to learn about these new certifications. I began researching and preparing for the AZ100 and AZ101 certification exams. I have passed the AZ100 exam and am now preparing to teach a course that will help people get the new Azure Administrator role. Surprise! Microsoft has just announced that both exams will be ending on May 1, 2019. This is just a few months after the exams were first introduced! Take a deep breath, regardless of whether you have passed or started studying for the exams. Let’s talk about what this change means to you. The Ultimate Guide to IT Certifications has more information about getting certified in IT.

Microsoft announced last year these new job-role-based certifications in order to better match current IT professionals’ needs. Microsoft announced yesterday that they would be retiring two of these certifications: AZ-100, (Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment), and AZ-101, (Microsoft Azure Integration and Security), on May 1. Why? Their blog states that they received lots of feedback from the Microsoft community about the exam requirements. I can confirm that the exam was difficult even though I passed the first attempt. We don’t know what caused the change but we do know that these exams are going to be retired in May.
To earn the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification, you must pass both the 101 and 100 exams as an individual. To earn the certification, you will only need one exam after May 1, 2019. This exam is the AZ-103 (Microsoft Azure Administrator). The 103 exam combines 100 and 101 objectives.
What if I have already taken the exam?
The good news is that if you have already passed the AZ100 exam, you will automatically be awarded the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certificate.
AZ-101 is also available to those who have taken it. You will be issued an exam voucher, regardless of whether you passed or failed, that can be used to purchase any Microsoft exam through Pearson VUE. This is their way to say, “Thanks for being early adopters” of our new certification program and helping us to understand the certification needs Azure Administrators so we could simplify it going forward.”
What if I’m already registered to take this exam?
Register to take the exam if you have not registered by May 1. Keep an eye on your email. Microsoft claims that all exams will be cancelled, but they don’t say how they will notify the community.
You have the option to take and pass these exams if you registered for either exam prior to May 1. Let’s take a look at it. If you have registered to take the AZ100 exam before May 1, you will automatically receive the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certificate. If you have registered to take AZ-101 and pass it, you won’t automatically earn the Azure Administrator certification. Instead, you will receive an AZ-101 exam badge.
As I mentioned above, if you pass the AZ101 exam before May 1, you will be issued an exam voucher that you can use for any Microsoft exam through Pearson VUE.
What if I have already begun to study?
The good news for those who have been studying for the AZ100 exam is that their efforts have not been in vain. This news was announced in conjunction with the announcement of several new Azure exams. With some modifications, the AZ103 closely matches the AZ100 objectives. The objective 4.6 was renamed, but the majority of the additional objectives were taken from the AZ101 exam. Check out the following changes:
1.4 Managed role-based Access Control (RBAC) may include, but not limited to: Create a new role, configure Azure resources by assigning roles, configure management accessibility to Azure, troubleshoot RBAC and implement RBAC policies, assign RBAC role.
4.5 Implement Azure load balancedr. This may include but is not limited to: Configure internal loads balancer, configure load-balancing rules, configure public loads balancer, and troubleshoot load imbalancer.
4.6 Monitor and troubleshoot the virtual networking. This may include but is not limited to: Monitor on premises connectivity, use network resource monitor, use Network Watcher, troubleshoot outside networking, and troubleshoot the virtual network connectivity.
4.7 Integrate on premises network. This may include but is not limited to: Create an Azure VPN Gateway, configure site-to-site VPN, configure Express Route and verify on-premises connectivity

What can COVID-19 teach us about cybersecurity? Experts agree that there are many.

What lessons can we learn from the pandemic as we move towards 2021? Are businesses taking cybersecurity seriously? What can we expect in the future? These questions and more were addressed by a panel of security experts during a virtual session at CompTIA’s 2020 EMEA Member and Partner Conference. COVID-19 caused chaos in our lives this year. Businesses and individuals had to adjust quickly to remote working environments, changing social habits, and COVID-19 created a lot more confusion. Cybercriminals also sought to profit from the situation. This result put a spotlight on cybersecurity strategies of companies, both good and bad.
As we approach 2021, a pandemic that seems to be lingering, what lessons can we learn? Are businesses taking cybersecurity seriously? What can we expect in the future? These questions and more were addressed by a panel of security experts during a virtual session at CompTIA’s 2020 EMEA Member and Partner Conference.
Social Engineering is Front and Center
COVID-19, for one, has shed new light about the social engineering capabilities of cybercriminals. They are taking advantage the power of the pandemic’s staying power in news cycles. According to David Emm, Kaspersky’s principal security researcher, employees and consumers still click on malicious links that claim to provide new information or insight about the coronavirus.
“Social engineering has been a key attack vector. COVID-19 offers a more persistent topic than Black Friday or the Olympics. Emm stated that COVID-19 has a large number of potential victims, so it’s a perfect storm. “Criminals have remained the same, but many people have been forced into working from home. It’s around 48% in the UK. This is a lot of people without the protection of a corporate network.
Phishers have claimed to be the World Health Organization, a delivery company with status on an ordered, or an agency providing assistance. All of these can lead to people becoming curious and opening malicious links.
Merium Khalid, senior cybersecurity analyst from SKOUT Cybersecurity, observed a marked rise in legitimate documents, software platforms, and websites that have malicious links embedded in PDFs. He also noted that it’s estimated that 18 million COVID-19 phishing email are being blocked every day.
“There is a lot of exploitation human emotion. People are anxious and fearful about the future. She said that people are clicking more on urgent requests tactics because they are anxious.
Tope Aladenusi (department head, cyber risk services at Deloitte West Africa), said that the emotional fragility that COVID-19 has caused has played a major role in cybercriminals attacking. “These guys thrive off fear, uncertainty and doubt. They also love greed. He said that they capitalized on this to launch multiple attacks.”
Companies Face New Challenges as Criminals Get Creative
Cyjax Limited’s CISO Ian Thornton-Trump said that cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and complex since March, when COVID-19 was first distributed globally. He said that bad actors are trying to steal credentials via phishing or smishing.
“We are seeing a pivot because large email providers are getting quite good at quashing spam mails. COVID has one thing in common. It allows people to attack infrastructure using automated, sometimes BOT, attacks. Phishing email is a threat, but I’m also seeing more insidious uses of internet-exposed devices.
Remote workers have created tremendous technical challenges for organizations, such as VPNs that employees can use at home. This can cause productivity issues and security vulnerabilities.
“Unfortunately, a VPN can cause performance to drop, especially if the company isn’t ready to scale up to hundreds of VPN points. It is almost impossible to use some network-intensive operations over a home DSL line. The security architecture community has learned a lot. Thornton-Trump said that IT overall went through a major shakeup.
It is also unrealistic to assume that all employees will use VPNs every day. Aladenusi said that COVID-19 is forcing many companies accelerate their IT plans. This may include more remote usage and VPNs in five, ten, or even ten years.
“We are being forced into bringing the future to the past and there is not enough time to go through a design phase. We had to have access to people. Aladenusi stated that some used VPNs, others used multi-factor authentication, while some simply looked for a way of connecting. “Another problem was getting secure devices to employees. Many were forced to use thei

What can businesses do to fill the Cybersecurity Talent Gap?

The need to fill this gap is urgent as cybersecurity threats are increasing and worsening. What have been the steps taken so far? And what can be done to improve them? Tech companies must take proactive steps to solve the problem. It’s not surprising that cybersecurity workers are highly sought after. Ask any MSP or tech company how difficult is it to find qualified employees to protect customers. GuidePoint Security principal Bryan Orme calls it a “talent war” because there is a severe shortage of cyber talent. This is a crucial time for tech companies, with companies feeling pressured to secure their data and security breaches that have impacted millions. Cyberseek reports that there are currently more than 460,000 jobs in cyber-related fields in the United States. Cyberseek asks: How did cybersecurity reach this gap? And, more importantly, how can we address it?
How did we get to this point?
As we mentioned, digitalization is becoming more popular since the outbreak of the pandemic. CompTIA’s State of Cybersecurity in 2020 report showed that companies had to revamp their IT systems due to the influx of remote workers. Many companies were overwhelmed by the amount of work required to implement these changes. This included managing remote employees and assessing the security of their online infrastructures. They needed to increase their cybersecurity workforce. Cyberattacks increased in frequency and reach during this shift, taking advantage the chaos caused by the pandemic. This trend is not slowing down and more professionals will be required. The field requires specialized training and there are not many universities or centers that offer the required curriculum. This results in a lack of opportunities for both potential students and practitioners. Because cybersecurity is literally about safety and carries the responsibility for future actions by these companies, professionals feel immense pressure as the stakes continue to rise. This causes employee burnout, and eventually high turnover.
What is being done?
The need to fill this gap is urgent as cybersecurity threats are increasing and worsening. What have been the steps taken and what can be done to improve cybersecurity? Many solution providers and other tech companies now invest in cybersecurity training. This can help to reduce costs and retain talent. These companies can reduce the risk of digital attacks on their customers and themselves if they work to improve their internal skills. Also, training is being done at the university level. Online cybersecurity degrees today equip students with real-world knowledge and allow them to apply lessons learned to current cybersecurity threats in virtual environments. With expert guidance, students are also taught offensive, general, and defensive cybersecurity. Universities can only do so much. CompTIA, on the other hand, aims to fill the skills gap by offering tech training and education options that are not related to higher education. Companies are changing their job descriptions in the interim. They are changing job descriptions to attract qualified applicants and making the team more innovative in order to attract them. They are also focusing on the professional skills required by applicants and not just their skills. These qualities could include curiosity, problem-solving ability, and a strong work ethic. All of these characteristics can be useful in shaping future professionals if they are given the right training and guidance. With many sectors struggling to stay afloat and more costly threats around the corner, there is a high demand for cybersecurity workers. Tech companies should take proactive, consistent steps to encourage students and individuals to become cybersecurity professionals, to promote opportunities, and to diversify their hiring methods. It is hard to find cyber talent today, but it will get harder tomorrow. Are you up to the challenge? Want to learn more cybersecurity? Register for CompTIA’s Cybersecurity Community and if cybersecurity is important to you, join the CompTIA Information Sharing and Analysis Organization.

Top 3 Certifications to Become an Ethical Hacker Professional

Governments and organizations are turning to moral programmers to improve security by identifying vulnerabilities before noxious programmers can exploit them. Moral hacking is a rapidly growing industry. A growing number of people are using their specialized abilities for both fun or benefit.
While moral programmers use similar strategies to test security barriers to their less principled counterparts, they are authorized by the government to find any vulnerabilities. This is so that organizations can report the findings and make the necessary changes to improve security. Individuals can also get assistance from moral programmers to recover email and information that may be lost due to a variety of reasons.
Apart from testing obligations, moral programmers have other duties. The goal is to reprogram a pernicious programmer at work, and instead of using the vulnerabilities for noxious purposes. Instead of misusing them, you should look for countermeasures that will strengthen the framework’s defenses. These techniques can be used by a moral programmer to penetrate a framework.
A moral programmer uses port checking tools like Nessus or Nmap to analyze one’s own frameworks and find open ports. It is possible to identify the vulnerabilities in each port and take therapeutic measures.
An ethical hacker will inspect fix establishments to ensure they aren’t being misused. An ethical hacker might be involved in social building ideas such as dumpster plunging–scavenging for graphs, passwords, sticky notes, and any other data that could be used to create an attack.
Another social design strategy that an ethical hacker might use is shoulder surfing to gain access to vital data. Or playing the graciousness card to get workers to give up their passwords. An ethical hacker will attempt to avoid IDS (Intrusion Detection Frameworks), IPS(Intrusion Prevention Frameworks), honeypots and firewalls. Sniffing systems, bypassing or breaking remote encryption, and seizing websites and web applications.
Ethical hackers might also deal with issues such as tablet robbery or worker extortion. These issues and other strategies can be used to test the security arrangement and foundation. A moral programmer will attempt to make the same assaults as a vindictive programmer, and then help the association to strengthen their barriers.
Some may argue that there is no such thing a decent programmer, and that all white-cap programmers are in fact terrible programmers who have changed their ways, but the real calling is to dig in for the long-term.
Similar to any other calling, energy for business is a key viewpoint to success. This, along with a solid knowledge of programming and systems administration, will allow an expert to succeed in the field of moral hacking. For security experts, legal investigators, interruption examiners, and in particular–individuals seeking to enter these fields–the CEH V9 is a conspicuous decision. Many IT organizations have made CEH verification mandatory for security-related positions, making it a top choice for security experts.
These are the top three Ethical Hacking certifications:
1.Certified Ethical Hacker
The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), is the most comprehensive of all available accreditation options. The CEH will test the cyber security expert’s knowledge of security threats, dangers and countermeasures through labs and addresses. A proficient practitioner may take the exam without preparation if they have at least two years of experience in cyber security. Although many job listings for ethical hackers require CEH certification, it may not be the best option. One major complaint about CEH is the lack of hands-on experience. Most courses are lecture-based.
2. Global Information Assurance Certification Penetration Testing:
The SANS Institute is responsible for managing the Global Information Assurance Certification program (GIAC). This is one of the oldest associations that provides cybersecurity instruction. GIAC offers merchant nonpartisan certifications and courses that require hands on learning. GIAC courses can be accessed online. The organization also supports the free distribution of white papers to cybersecurity businesses.
3. Hostile Security Certified Professional
The Offensive Security Certified Professional is the most well-known and specialized accreditation. It is offered by Offensive Security, which is a revenue-driven organization.

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Your Digital Marketing Career

The most crucial decision for businesses is to get to know the market or audience they are targeting. There are many marketing methods that can be used to market a business. Each method is different based on the nature of their work. These decisions are made based on extensive planning and research that anticipates the return on investment in marketing a service. Marketing is an essential department in any company. This department is responsible for advertising products and positioning the business’ goals in the minds of customers. This is why organizations spend a lot of money and time to improve the efficiency and professionalism of the marketing methods they use.
Marketing professionals are the key people in any company. They are able to understand the customer’s needs and provide the best ideas to production and operations. The most efficient marketing is the one that requires the least investment and generates the most leads and visitors to the business. Marketing has become much simpler over time. With the help of a digital platform for marketing, marketers can now make lower investments and reach the best customers. With the help of social media and email, organizations can easily communicate their message. Marketing has expanded in many areas, with multiple methods of advertising and customer reach. Digital marketing is a prominent and influential platform. Marketing professionals need to be able to deal with digital media platforms. It is the advancement or promotion of products or brands using at least one type electronic media. It is crucial due to its rapid development and because it is the fate of showcasing. Many people believe that traditional advancement will soon be obsolete. Both the organizations and those who choose to pursue digital marketing careers have many benefits. We will discuss the top 10 reasons to start a career in digital marketing. These are:
1. Cost-savvy:
It is more financially smart than traditional advertising. Independent ventures don’t have many assets or much capital, so this is especially important. You can find a more cost-effective and compelling way to promote your business through new media.
2. Track the journey of your customer:
Google investigation is a Google-based examination service that allows you to screen your client’s conduct, inclinations, and show signs of improvement. You can create a persona for your client to give them the best experience.
3. From leads to consumers:
If you own an online business, and you advertise items and administrations online, leads or deals are a great way to increase your conversion rates.
4. Use Content to Connect With Customers
Computerized content, whether supported or unsupported, allows you to interact with shoppers in a much more effective way than boards, regular mail, or PR battles. Your business’ success is directly related to the quality of your online presence.
5. Mobile consumers will find it easy to use:
The pace of innovation has made it so that versatile contraptions can no longer be considered an inferior option to tablets or PCs. You should target the largest number of buyers by using your cell phone every day.
6. Greater Return on Investment and Revenue
You can increase your income by expanding your computerized outreach. The more information you can extract from your effort battles the better your expectations and along with these lines ROI.
7. Assist with Social Media Engagement
You can use different online networking channels to get new customers on the off chance that your organization needs to grow. You must ensure that you are focusing on your clients based on their demographics, including age, nationality, and interests. You will be able to communicate with your clients better and support engagement via advanced media.
8. A boost for your followers:
Few people realize the importance of online networking as part of their computerized showcasing efforts. Your organization will build trust and credibility with clients if you have more “Facebook likes” and “tweets”. It’s all about it

Top 10 Cloud Storage Services for Free: Keep Your Data Safe!

As businesses and consumers adopt digital transformation, the importance of high-quality online storage services is growing. This trend will continue into 2020, with more reliance on online storage in the Cloud. Both individuals and enterprises are now shifting their attention from local storage infrastructure and infrastructure to Cloud storage. To help you choose the right one, we have compiled a list of the top ten free Cloud storage services for 2019.
What is Cloud storage? And why do you need it.
Cloud storage allows you access data from anywhere, and is accessible from any device. It is a great way to increase your productivity and efficiency by backing up important data and protecting it. There are many benefits to the traditional way of storing data on hard drives. All data can be lost if the storage drive is infected with malware or viruses. Cloud storage can be used to replace the traditional storage devices that businesses use to store data and back up files on hard drives.
Top 10 Cloud Storage Services Free
There are many options for Cloud storage. It is important to choose the right provider to give you the best storage and bandwidth, while protecting your data. This blog post will share a list with the best Cloud storage providers, which we offer for free.
Degoo offers 100GB of storage space for free when you create an account. Refer friends to the service to get 500GB more. Each user who creates an account through your referral receives 3GB storage. You can choose which files you want to back up but it is done automatically every 24hrs to ensure that your files are always up-to-date. This software is different from other Cloud storage products. You will need to choose a folder on your computer that will hold your backed up files, or create a new one. You can place your files in the folder you want to keep online, and then Degoo will run to back up your data online. You can access your Cloud storage account from your PC using the desktop program or the mobile app for Android and iPhone.
Amazon Drive
Amazon.com offers a cloud storage product called Amazon Drive. It provides unlimited photo storage and 5GB storage space for files or videos to its prime members. Users can share documents to create public links that can be accessed by anyone who uses them, even if they don’t have an Amazon account. It does not support folder sharing. You can upload the documents with either the web version or desktop client software. It also offers a mobile app that allows you to upload photos and videos from iOS or Android devices.
MyDrive is another cloud storage service that is free, but it offers less space than the other products on this list. Although uploads are unlimited, MyDrive limits you to 100MB. This means that your maximum file size is 100MB. Document sharing is not possible on the site. You must provide a guest username, password, and a user name. This service has the best feature that you can download multiple files from the archive and then restore the deleted files within one month of deleting them from your account. The desktop app can be accessed on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Windows PCs. Mobile devices can access the IOS and Android apps. You can also connect your MyDrive account via webDAV.
Jumpshare offers 2GB of free storage that allows you to upload many types of files. Jumpshare offers 18GB free storage to users who refer others to the service. The file limit is 250MB. The desktop program allows for screen recording and screenshots. The downloadable program can be accessed for the M

Top 10 Cloud Certifications to Make Your Career Prestigious in 2020

Cloud computing is now one of the most important IT sectors in the globe. It is also a top investment area for IT professionals. A Cloud certificate is a must-have for anyone working in Information Technology. A Cloud certificate can make a huge difference in your career and can even increase your salary. There are many certifications you can get, but we will be focusing on the top 10 Cloud certifications you should pursue in 2020. Let’s start!
1. Microsoft Certified: Expert in Azure Solutions Architect
This is the Microsoft certificate, which we call the “Best Cloud Badges”. This credential is for experts and measures the candidate’s ability to design solutions on Azure. You will need to pass two exams to be eligible for this credential: AZ-303 or AZ-304. They are still in beta, so there may be changes. These tests cover a few topics, including business continuity, data storage, infrastructure and other topics.
It is one of the most sought-after Cloud certifications you can obtain in 2020. This certification is for individuals with experience in Cloud security architecture, service orchestration and design. CCSP is unique in that it is not vendor-specific. You can use your skills in any Cloud environment you wish. You must have at least five years experience in the IT industry to earn this badge.
3. Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate
AWS, or Amazon Web Services, has been the Cloud service of choice for many businesses over the past few years. AWS Certified SysOps administrator is one of the most sought-after Cloud certifications you can get in 2020. It means you are an expert in AWS platform management, operation, and deployment. This credential is highly sought after by system administrators and operations managers. This certificate is a great option if you’re interested in becoming a system administrator or operations manager.
4. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
Cloud skills are in high demand right now and almost all companies are looking for qualified experts. It can be difficult to make a decision with so many certifications available. This Microsoft credential makes things easier. This badge validates your knowledge in cloud concepts, privacy, Azure services, security, and other related topics.
5. Google Cloud Certified – Professional Data Engineer
The Google Cloud Platform is a powerful tool that is widely used. Any company will need a data engineer to improve its data processing capabilities. This is where professional-level certification comes in. It allows you to maintain and build data structures and databases. This badge is ideal for data architects and data engineers who manage big data transformation.
6. Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Developer Associate
This is one of the most sought-after and highest-paying Cloud certificates you can get in 2020. AWS certified developers are able to understand core AWS services and can deploy, debug, and develop Cloud-based applications on AWS. You should have at least one year of experience using AWS-based apps if you want to pursue this credential.
7. Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect
This Google credential is one of the most valuable Cloud certifications for 2020. Google Cloud technologies are extremely popular today, which is why many professionals are using them. This badg can be yours.

Tips to remember when appearing for an interview

Although you may have impressive skills and abilities, if you can’t show them to the person next to you, they will not be of any use to you. It is important to ensure that you are able to demonstrate any skill or ability you have to others. This can be done through the activities you engage in, the tasks you perform during your learning period, and the people you interact with. These all reflect the personality, skills, and interests of the person. It is not easy to lose your passion for the job you love after spending years learning and obtaining degrees. It is important to reflect the years of practice you have followed by how you speak and what you do.
After completing your professional education, the first step is to apply for the top organizations to start your professional career. The organization receives hundreds of applications every day. They go through them and choose the ones that appeal to them the most. To be considered for the position, your application must meet the requirements and standards of the company. You must prepare for the interview process after you have completed the first step. Although you might feel nervous about appearing in an interview, it is important to prepare yourself beforehand and know the rules so that you don’t make any mistakes. We will share some tips and tricks that will help you make a good impression with the interviewer.
Here are some tips to impress an interviewer:
Good gesture
It is important to show appreciation in the first place. You should be young enough to make the other person smile upon meeting you. Smile and don’t be anxious.
Be natural
Do not pretend to be someone you are not in order to make a good impression. You will feel more relaxed and natural if you are able to talk about your interests and skills in a more detailed way.
He knows everything
You cannot assume that you will be considered intelligent and smart by exaggerating about your past experiences and the company with which you were associated. Interviewers are more knowledgeable than you about the job responsibilities and market conditions so be open with them.
Be careful
Do not criticize your former managers, colleagues, or the organization. People don’t hire people who have so many complaints about the organization. This shows that they expect a lot of you and are less satisfied with your organization. This will reflect your personality and show respect for those you have worked with.
Learn More About the Company
You must have a compelling reason to apply for the job. Before you go to an interview, learn about the company, its services, and major clients. Discuss the most appealing aspects about the company and why you would like to be a part.
Take the time to read the job description carefully:
It is important to know what job they offer and the position you are applying for. What are the main responsibilities that you will be expected to perform in the job? Associate your skills with the job description to assure the interviewer that you have the right skills and interests for the position.
Give a Reasonable Reason to lean the last job:
This is the best way for the interviewer check your loyalty to the organization. Interviewers will prefer you if you have a legitimate reason to leave the organization. Otherwise, you might seem inconsistent to the company.
Have Questions?
Pay attention to the company’s activities and their decision-making. Ask all questions you can about the company’s market position, sustainability maintenance, client relationships, etc. You will also need to assess whether the company’s operations are in line with your interests and relevancy. Interviewers have one goal: to fill a vacancy with the most qualified candidate. Being that candidate can make their job easier.
You will be able to distinguish yourself from the rest by understanding the company’s most important needs and then interpreting everything according to them. You can share difficult situations that you have handled successfully and how you used your problem solving skills when necessary. Your response will be assessed by the interviewer in the critical context.

Meet the New Version of the LPIC-2 Certification Examinations!

LPI strives for IT professionals to receive exams of the highest quality, relevance and accuracy. They are highly regarded by IT professionals.
LPI’s second professional certification, LPIC-2, is the second. The LPIC-2 certification will validate the candidate’s ability to manage small- to medium-sized mixed network.
Candidats must be able:
Perform advanced system administration, including tasks related to the Linux kernel, system startup, and maintenance.
Advanced Management of file and block storage, as well as advanced networking and authentication.
Install and configure essential network services such as DNS, DNS, SSH and Web servers. File servers using FTP, NFS, and Samba. Email delivery.
For the LPIC-2 certification, you must have: + an active LPIC-1 certificate; +passed LPIC-2 201 or 202 exams.
It is important to note that the current version of this exam is 4.5 (201-450) and 202-450 (202-450). The certification exams with v4.0 objectives (201-400, 202-400) and will continue to be available until August 2017. But! To receive your LPIC-2 certificate, you can take any version of the exams.
The certification exams have a validity period of 5 years. They are available in English, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Japanese.
The following table lists the LPIC-2 exam subjects that will help you prepare for the exams.

Follow this link to learn more about objective weights, exam topics, and other information.
ExamCollection offers free practice tests to help you pass your LPIC-2 exams the first time. ExamCollection offers free practice tests that match the current exam format. This will help you pass your exams.
We wish you good luck!

Meet New Exam – Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (200-105 ICND2)

Cisco revises the ICND2 test and training course, updating it from version 2.0. It was updated on September 24, 2016. Pearson VUE has a new exam, 200-105. This exam is a 90-minute exam with 45-55 question assessment. It is part of the CCNA Routing and Switching certification. This exam is for candidates who have a deep understanding and professional level in LAN switching technologies and IPv4 or IPv6 routing technologies. It also covers WAN technologies, infrastructure maintenance and services.
What is the difference between these two versions?
It’s a combination of time and queries. The 200-101 ICND2 exam takes 75 minutes and contains 50 or 60 questions. Candidates can choose the correct keys in 90 minutes. The 200-105 ICND2 test is shorter and has only 55 questions. An updated cisco certification offers another advantage: it is possible for both English-speaking IT professionals and Japanese IT professionals to pass. These are the topics:
LAN Switching Technologies
Routing Technologies
WAN Technologies
Infrastructure Services
Maintenance of infrastructure
These topics provide a guideline for the content that is recommended to appear on the exam. Other similar topics could also be included in any particular delivery of the exam.
This section contains the overview and study materials for preparing for a new exam.
These courses are recommended for IT certification and passing the exam.
Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 v3.0 (ICND2)
Videos for CCNA Routing & Switching Training
Register for an exam at Pearson VUE.