Microsoft Azure is a market leader in Cloud services, offering PaaS Cloud and IaaS Cloud segments. There are many Azure services that can be used to provide different business solutions. According to the current job market, Microsoft Azure is in high demand.
CloudThat recently hosted a webinar on “Plan Your Microsoft Azure Career”. During the webinar, I explained the concepts of Cloud as well as the new roles available in the cloud domain. This included the market trends and job opportunities. I also spoke about the skills needed in the Cloud industry, such as DevOps, Developer, DevOps, Architects, and System Administrator. Based on the job role, I had discussed all the certification tracks available in Azure.
Several attendees had questions about career planning. They were primarily concerned with their current job and the certifications or specializations that they should be focusing on. Here are some of the questions I answered during the webinar.
Q.1. Q.1. I am a server administrator. Which certification should I choose?
Ans: You can improve your knowledge and work with Azure services management and monitoring. Below is the certification track available for Server Admins.
MCSA: Cloud Platform Specialization in Azure. Here are the certifications that you can choose from:
70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
70-537: Operating a Hybrid Cloud With Microsoft Azure Stack
The first certification, i.e. 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions for system admins and infrastructure roles.
Q2. Q2. How will your training and certification program help us move from our traditional jobs to the cloud?
Ans. It can be difficult to find the right path to move beyond the traditional ways of working and into the new technology space. To get better opportunities in the industry, I believe the first step should be to get the right training and to work on real-time projects. So you can identify your interest and then, based on your current work profile, choose the right certification track to get trained. For example. Azure offers Cloud Specialization tracks that include MCSA and MCSE. For more information, please watch my webinar and recorded video: Simplifying Azure Certifications.
If you have any questions about careers in Microsoft Azure or Azure Certifications, please leave a comment below.
Based on your job role, I have listed below a few certification tracks that you can use to target and build your career.
For Developers/IT Professionals and SME:70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

For System Administrators/IT Professionals and SME:70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solution
70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

For Decision Influencers and Architects:70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

For Database Administrators/Cloud Professionals and SME:70-473: Designing, Implementing and Maintaining Cloud Data Platform Solutions

For Big Data Developers/BI Professionals/Data Scientist and Data Analyst:70-473 Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions
70-475: Designing, Implementing, and Monitoring Big Data Analytics Solutions

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