What makes a great project manager Experience? Communication skills? Are you a planner? Or is it the desire for continuous improvement and development of new skills?
Project managers need to be familiar with best practices and proven management techniques. There are many project management tools and resources that can help you make your job easier. Below is a list of useful and useful tools and resources for project managers.
Rita Mulcahy
Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep Book, 9th Edition (Original Imported Hard Copy Book) This is one of the most highly regarded study materials for PMP (Project Management Certification). It has a very focused approach to understanding the concepts and crack PMP
Rita Mulcahy 9th edition PMP Exam Prep Books help you pass the PMP Certification exam. TPM has been a leader in helping students pass the PMP Training (Project Management Training exam) for many decades.
Mind Maps
Mind Mapping is a powerful tool that allows you to take information from your brain and put it on paper. It can also be used to record new data or to capture existing data.
Mind maps will help aspirants remember the concepts and gain the competency. Experts have created PMP(r), mind maps that are tailored to the preparation methods of Project Managers, Practitioners, Professionals. PMP(r), mind maps, would be a great companion and support for the preparation during the peak revision sessions and final moments before the exam.
PMBOK 6th edition
Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide – PMI’s flagship publication, it is the best source of information on project management.

7 Deadly Sins of Project Management
This article was written by Brad Egeland. Project smart published the book. The book outlines seven common mistakes that can be detrimental to a project. Download the book for free to learn how to avoid making mistakes.
Talk Project Management
Talk Project Management blog is the best way to get inspiration for your team and yourself. You will find a lot of information on topics related to your work life, such as managing your team, effective leadership and team collaboration. TPM makes it easy for project managers to manage their team.
Project Management techniques can help you understand how information is collected, communicated, and done in an efficient manner. These techniques can be described as wiki pages that provide useful and practical information. You can also edit these pages by adding your own information.
Project Times
Project Times is unlike any other traditional project management blog. It’s more of an online magazine that covers what’s hot in project management. Project Times offers a wealth of information, from current trends to key insights by PM gurus. This is a great resource for project managers looking to stand out and start a winning streak.
Project Management 2.0:

This LinkedIn group has over 20,000 members. It offers valuable project management tips and advice from professionals who are willing to share their best practices.
Project Manager Community:

Connect with over 369,000 members to discuss the best practices for project managers in the “best group of project management”.
Podcast on Project Management
The PM Podcast is suitable for both beginners as well as experts. They interview project managers around the globe to find out what makes them successful so you can learn from their mistakes and emulate their success. They also offer free PDUs
2Projectified Podcast
This podcast is an official one from PMI.
3Project Management Happy hour
Project Management Happy Hour is hosted by Kim Essendrup, Kate Anderson, and offers no-nonsense discussion on all things PM. Each episode addresses real-life PM issues, and guests share practical advice that is relevant to the industry.
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