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It hurts when a marriage falls apart. It hurts even more when a marriage ends up in a divorce. This section deals with precisely this preposition, i.e. post-divorce. Our site contains a huge database of articles written by the experts in the field of relationships and counseling. Read what they have to say and learn the tips on how to deal with post-divorce stress and feelings, overcoming emotional barriers, divorce recovery groups, explaining the kids and your rights by law. You can read various articles dealing with many related issues too like tips on dating men after divorce, spending time to recuperate from the trauma of divorce, dealing with the custody of your kids, maintaining a normal, friendly relationship with your ex, reaching out for friends after divorce, living life the way you always wanted to live and so on. This section is aimed at enhancing your understanding of the situation you are dealing with. So read on for a more complete information and knowledge on post-divorce proceedings.
Displaying 1-7 of 7 result(s).How I Survived A Divorce After 25 Years Of MarriagePosted by Relena Peacecraft. Published on Oct 14, 2009 The best way to tell this story is to start at the beginning. I met my husband of 25 years in a local park. We hit it off right away. He was handsome and I was young. I believed that he was a good man. Child Custody And Visitation Rules For Unmarried ParentsPosted by Abigail Vernon. Published on Aug 27, 2009 While child custody cases for unmarried parents are very similar to that of divorced parents in many ways, they also have some important differences. Understanding the child custody rules for unmarried parents will help you determine how to proceed. Achieving Stability After DivorcePosted by Vanaja Ghose. Published on Jun 26, 2009 After divorce, the ground that you once knew so well most likely feels shaky. This is completely natural. In fact, after leaving your marriage, you will most likely feel that your entire world has collapsed, not just your marriage. Your self esteem may be at its lowest. It can take some time to achieve the stability after a divorce that you once had in your life, back in simpler times. However, here are four tips to gaining and maintaining stability in your life after divorce. Moving Forward Post Divorce – 5 Tips For Moving On EmotionallyPosted by Shannon E Cook. Published on Apr 30, 2009 It is very important to take good care of yourself during the process of divorce. Here are 5 tips for moving on emotionally after a divorce. Things To Bear In Mind When Dating After DivorcePosted by Eshwarya Patel. Published on Mar 25, 2009 Are you divorced and looking for someone special to give a new beginning and a new meaning to your life? If yes, then it is necessary for you to first understand the importance of dating after divorce. There is absolutely nothing wrong in getting back to the dating scene after your divorce. However, when dating in mid-life, following are certain things you should take care of and certain mistakes that you should avoid. Mum's The Word – Minimize Parenting Conflict After Divorce By Altering Communication PatternsPosted by Mary Wollard. Published on Feb 27, 2009 Separation and divorce are always difficult times for children. But when parents remain locked in conflict, the continuous anger and insecurity the children experience can be devastating for years. Parents can break this cycle of conflict by altering their own communication patterns. Divorce – How To Prevent A RepeatPosted by Shelley Grieser. Published on Dec 18, 2008 Many people going through divorce experience confusion about their identity. Who are you now? Confusion about where you are going. Confusion about what to do next. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.