Hello Readers! Have you registered for the Microsoft exam AZ400 Designing and Implementing Azure DevOps Expert? Are you ready to take the exam and become certified? Now is the time to test your skills and review sample questions that could be asked for the AZ400 certification exam.
Here’s the quiz:
Ansible resources deployed to Azure are found to be in a loop and unable for the deployment to proceed. What is the correct way to deploy resources in this case? (Select all correct responses)A. Redeploy after completing additional Azure policiesb. Rerun the Ansible playbookc. Some deployment operations can be moved into child resources that can be deployed after the resources with the circle dependency. Examine your template to determine if there are any dependencies that can be removed.
Client is using one of the configuration management software to deploy their resources. Because of configuration drift, a security group attached to VM has additional rules configured for port 22. What are the best ways to manage configuration drift? (Select all correct responses) Select one:a. Use Windows PowerShell Desired Status Configurationb. For Azure resources, enforce policies and compliance standardsc. Manually modify the security group. Recreate security group by deleting it.
The user wants to use Azure key vault to pass secrets and deploy infrastructure via Resource Manager Deployment. What are the steps to follow before deploying the resources (Select all correct answers)Select one:a. Template must have Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults/deploy/actionb. Set the key vault property enabledForDeploymentc. Set the key vault property enabledForTemplateDeploymentd. Template must have Microsoft.compute/KeyVault/vaults/deploy/action
You need to deploy resources within a subscription and make these available to all resource groups. Select one of the following services to be required:a. RBAC, Azure Security Centerb. Azure Policy, RBACc. Azure Policy, RBAC, Azure Security Centerd. Azure Security Center, Azure Policy
A developer using Azure CLI would like to know which commands might be used to manage a storage block. Which command is most appropriate? az find -query blobc. az storage blob -helpd. az find blob
A user attempts to download the image from the ACR repository in order to deploy it into an existing AKS cluster. He is getting an ImagePullBackoff error when he attempts to retrieve the image from the ACR repository for deployment into the existing AKS cluster. He is now getting the ImagePullBackoff error.
An Organization runs a monolithic financial management system. They would like to have dev stage environments for the transaction testing by different teams. The team plans to migrate the architecture into microservices. This scenario could be due to one of the following reasons: It is very easy to adopt the cloud-native solution. Microservices significantly reduce the cost of infrastructure provisioning. To achieve security compliance Each microservice can be scaled and managed with high agility.
Multiple Stage Builds were chosen by a developer who wanted to optimize Dockerfile for better readability and maintenance. What are the benefits of having Multiple Stage Builds?