• Extinction
  • Additional
  • Integration
  • Starvation
  • Here are some possible reasons why a project might be ended by Extinction

    • The scope of the project was successfully completed and the client has accepted it.
    • It has been overtaken by external developments such as technological advancement, market crises etc
    • It has not succeeded in achieving its goal.
    • It is no longer supported by the Senior Management.

    Sometimes, it is also called “termination by death”. It is important to remember that all project activity ceases at this type of termination. By Addition

    • It is a huge success. It is now the formal part the parent organization.

    The transition or? Transfer of resources, such as project personnel, materials, and equipment to the new unit within the parent organization. organization. Integration

    • The project was successfully completed. The? The client is able to integrate the project product into its operations.

    This is the most common and complex operation. What are the resources? released? and? Störungen in the parent organisation. Starvation

    • Budget decrement causes the project to be terminated.
    • It is also known by? It is also known as?

    This termination is usually due to the failure to achieve the goals. This can save the face of senior management and prevent embarrassment.