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One of the most dangerous of all sports, rodeo involves battling a bull in a rink. There are many formats of rodeo sport which include – bareback riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, calf roping, saddle riding, barrel racing etc. Amongst our comprehensive database, find specific articles dealing with these different formats of rodeos sport. Read more about the rules of the game, which usually involve staying up on the animal for more than 8 seconds, performance of the animal and the rider and so on and so forth. We also have articles on the tips to excelling the various formats of rodeos and keeping you fit for the chase as well. Read about the ways of practicing, the mechanical rodeo bull, the right apparel for the fight, gear required for the ride etc, all in here on this page. The comprehensive articles collection promises to bring out each and every aspect of the game of rodeos and help you improve your skills at the game. Read on for more details on the game and latest news in the field of rodeos.
Displaying 1-4 of 4 result(s).Toughness PersonifiedPosted by Bill Adams. Published on May 05, 2009 I was secretary of a racing club, and our facilities were suited to many different events. It was suggested that we run a rodeo to raise much needed funds. That is how this all started. An annual rodeo at a nearby town was a success story from day one, so my committee thought it could be just as successful at our venue. So my education began. Breeding Bucking Bulls With A PurposePosted by Denny Thorsell. Published on Mar 29, 2009 Breeding bucking bulls must be planned. Simply breeding cows and bulls at random will not produce the benefits that a well-organized, thoughtful breeding system can provide. Although this is not scientifically proven, here are some thoughts that I have on breeding bucking bulls. So You Wanna Be A Cowgirl?Posted by Phyllis Coletta. Published on Feb 08, 2009 What's it like to be a cowgirl? Well, if you're only doing it for a week, it's plenty of fun. You can learn to ride a horse and rope cattle then get a massage. Being a cowgirl as a means of making a living is hard work outdoors, usually with cowboys. But that's not as much fun. Top Rodeo BullsPosted by Candis Reade. Published on Nov 28, 2008 Bull riding is a fascinating rodeo sport: a rider trying to stay mounted on the top rodeo bulls for as long as they can. But, usually the angry bull bucks off the rider long before it reaches eight seconds. One may think that it is eight seconds too soon, but when you are hanging by the bull with just one hand tightly fastened around the long braided rope, eight seconds can seem like a lifetime. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.