Rubrik has updated its services portfolio to provide data protection for Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS).
The Palo Alto-based company, which provides a Cloud Data Management platform and supports the Microsoft Azure cloud, is also supporting it. The platform was created to assist companies in recovering, managing and securing data stored in public and private cloud environments.
This functionality is provided by plug-and-play appliances on-premises or the Rubric Edge software appliance that runs at the edge of network networks. Rubrik is deployed to AWS and Azure public cloud via software instances. This software instance protects cloud-native apps and provides inter- and intracloud replication (including Azure-to-AWS and across regions of respective clouds), the company stated. It also provides bi-directional replication between cloud and on-premises systems, as well as cloud data archiving and other functionality.
The company said its cloud offerings help organizations: avoid vendor lock-in; simplify cloud management; start small and scale as needed; immediately identify and provide application-consistent recoveries; and deliver actionable insights via visual reporting capabilities.
Rubrik announced this week that it now offers data protection (backup, recovery, replication, DR, archival and more) for AWS and Azure applications. It’s simple to get started. Once you sign up for our Early Access program, the AMI/VHD will be sent directly to your AWS/Azure account. This will allow you to spin up our recommended compute instances.
Rubrik did not provide pricing information in its announcements.