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Going on a sailing cruise? Renting a sailing yacht, bareboat or with crew? Perhaps you own a fine day or weekend sailboat and want to take a trip in it. Maybe you’re just thinking of taking sailing lessons. In any case, you need information. Windjammer Cruises still has ads all over the Web, but they just went bankrupt – lots of disappointed sail enthusiasts are out their money. You don’t want to reserve a berth or a yacht rental with the wrong company! If you intend to go see a boat for sale or rent, you’ll want to know what to look for. Let the articles we have here help you make the right decisions. What type of sailboat is right for you? What signs tell you if a boat is well-kept and in good running order? How do you sail a boat? What tricks do regatta winners use to get out in front? Sail through our database, and the rest is smooth sailing!
Displaying 1-9 of 9 result(s).Whitewater RaftingPosted by Pauul Robert. Published on Feb 18, 2010 For some people, the idea of going on the rafting trip can conjure up images of Meryl Streep in "Wild River" or Burt Reynolds in "Liberation". Concerns about the raft flipping over, or fear of falling from a raft, may scare some potential holiday-makers, holding them by land, while millions of others are flocking to this increasingly popular adventure trip every year. What are the real risks in whitewater rafting? And the real statistics of security? One can only wonder. Yachting Tourism In TurkeyPosted by Melissa Chappell. Published on Sep 26, 2009 Sailing around the Turkish coastline has been featured as a touristic highlight for many visitors over the past 40 years. Long, pleasant summers coupled with an extensive array of coves and beaches to explore, has continued to attract tourists from around the world for a holiday with a difference. Anchoring Made Easy – 5 Ways To Keep Your Boat Safe At AnchorPosted by Jim Murrant. Published on Jun 30, 2009 You've arrived at the anchorage where you're going to spend the night. The anchor is down and has bitten and your boat has settled happily in position. Now is not the time for a celebratory drink. Now you have to make sure that it will be safe all night. The following five points cover the most important decisions you will need to make to ensure your boat stays safely at anchor overnight. Learn How To Sail – Boating AccessoriesPosted by Clive Peterson. Published on Jun 10, 2009 When you are looking for boating accessories, you may become overwhelmed at the amount of products that are available. Are you wondering just what kinds of boating accessories you really need? The truth is that the answer is really up to you. Starting Dinghy SailingPosted by Rob H Jones. Published on Apr 07, 2009 How many people have been on holiday, seen people sailing dinghies and thought "Id love to try that" ? The best advice to be given to anyone wishing to start dinghy sailing is to take your time, don't rush into anything and don't try running before you can walk. First thing to do is to read around the subject and at least gain a basic understanding of what is involved in owning and buying a sailing dinghy. Sailing Is Freedom And Peaceful Environments TravelPosted by Thanate Tan. Published on Mar 15, 2009 For many people all around the world sailing is the main mean of relaxation. For them nothing is better than the feelings they experience in their confrontation with the untamed nature. Even if sometimes there might encounter some dangers the passion for the sea is more powerful than anything. When asked what the reasons for which they love sailing are, the sailors usually respond that is the feeling of freedom that takes them further into the seas and oceans. They say that nothing can be compared to the feeling that you are the master of your own boat and of your own destiny. Msc Cruises And Nintendo Embark On A New Era In On-board EntertainmentPosted by Diana M. Orban Associates. Published on Feb 04, 2009 MSC Cruises, the worldÂ’s leading private cruise company with offices in 36 countries, and Nintendo, which has sold 2.4 billion video games and over 420 million consoles, plan to consolidate their partnership by organizing special events, games and tournaments for video game fans worldwide. Weather – Sailor Beware!Posted by Jim Murrant. Published on Dec 23, 2008 It is not terribly hard to sail decently when the conditions at the end of a short race are the same as they were at the beginning. But the men are really picked from the boys when the conditions change halfway through. So get to work. Follow the weather all through the week, make your own observations, and perhaps you'll become the person that exists in every yacht club — the legendary skipper who can 'smell' the wind. 5 Essential Tips For Sailing With A NewbornPosted by Duncan Bloor. Published on Dec 03, 2008 Sailing holidays can sometimes be stressful enough without the added responsibility of taking a newborn child with you! Read my 5 essential tips for keeping safe (and sane) at sea. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.