IT companies’ primary goal is to provide services for their customers. If these services are to be successful, they must be valuable for the customer. It must be useful and available to customers at all times. IT service providers cannot offer value-adding services without effectively managing their strategic capabilities and resources. An organization that fails to manage its strategic capabilities and resources can’t create value for its customers. This can have a negative impact on the organization’s ability generate revenue and sales. What are the ITIL foundation training’s strategic capabilities and resources for an IT organization? Let’s take a look at Strategic Capabilities and Resources for an IT Business.

Strategic Capabilities and Resources for an IT Business
First, let’s review the ITIL definitions for capabilities, resources, assets and IT organizational structures. Understanding the differences between these three components will help you to understand how they can be used in order to create value for your customers.
Strategic resources
ITIL online courses define resource as any term that refers to IT infrastructure, people, money, or anything else that may be useful in delivering an IT Service. Strategic capabilities and strategic resources are different because you can purchase or acquire resources with a budget. Resources are therefore tangible assets for an organization.
The following are strategic resources in an IT organization:
Financial capital

Strategic capabilities
Strategic capabilities are the ability of an organization, person or process to perform an activity. Strategic capabilities are intangible assets that an organization has. This means that you can’t buy a capability with your financial resources. The following are the strategic capabilities of an organisation:

Let’s suppose that your company hires a highly skilled manager from another company. The company’s management and organization structure are not mature enough for the skilled manager to make any changes. The output of a company will not be as good as it could be if there is not enough strategic capability to use the resources. To produce good results, resources must be used efficiently and with the support of sufficient strategic capabilities. Even though a company may have enough resources, it won’t produce successful outputs if it doesn’t have the necessary strategic capabilities to manage them.

Service asset
A Service Asset is any capability, resource or ability of a Service Provider. If you look at the word “asset”, it is the designation or use of any resource or capability. Anything that can contribute to the delivery or provision of a service is considered an asset of a service provider. This perspective shows that all the strategic capabilities and resources of an organization are essential to the delivery services to customers. All of an organization’s strategic capabilities and resources are therefore assets.
When creating an IT strategy, it is important to consider the capabilities, resources, assets, and capabilities of the organization during the Service Strategy stage. A new service cannot be launched and successfully operated without the right strategic capabilities, resources, or assets.
How do services delivery affect strategic capabilities?
The capabilities of an organisation coordinate, control, deploy, and control resources. With the help of its strategic capabilities, an organization creates products and services that create value for customers. Th