Although it might seem like these two worlds are far apart at first glance, people who work in tech actually have more commonalities with the classic Dungeons & Dragons classes. Both work together in a team-based environment where they overcome many obstacles and solve impossible-seeming issues. Each position has its own set of responsibilities based on the skills and talents of the individual. Project Manager – Paladin
A true Project Manager is like a Paladin. He or she leads by example. They are the ones who take charge and are often the ones on the front lines. Although they have a mix of practical skills, knowledge, and some technical skills, their greatest advantage is their ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses and their commanding officers. They can give directions and disperse responsibilities on the battlefield and in the office – depending on the situation and the person most suited to it. Marketer – Bard
Marketers are able to weave stories that inspire and beguile. Marketers are responsible for ensuring that everyone knows all about the company and party – its great deeds, epic victories and great goods. They rose to the top despite adversity, empowered by their experiences. All Marketers are charismatic, natural storytellers. However, not all Marketers use the written word to communicate their message. Others use images, charts, diagrams and data. They can use these tools to draw even more people to their cause and encourage them to try their products. Customer Support – Cleric
This is the ultimate support class in many ways! They are gentle and kind, and help to heal the damage caused by bugs (in Clerics’ case, often huge, real ones). misuse. Their purpose in life is to spread kindness and knowledge through encouraging words and thoughtful guidance. They are calm and collected and will not lose their cool, no matter what the situation – whether it’s a rampaging Orc charging at them or a customer hurling obscenities at them. Software Engineer – Rogue
Dashing individuals operating in the shadows. They operate in the shadows, just like their work. But without their quiet, behind-the scenes labors, the tech industry wouldn’t exist or thrive as it has for decades. They find hidden dangers and solve complex codes that lead them to undiscovered treasure. They are excellent planners and architects and are always on the lookout to improve their skills and discover new tools.
Designers are like Mages. However, they create magic through their art. They take a flashy array of colors and shapes, and reorganize them to give them purpose and beauty. They use a combination of hard work, perseverance, and some more esoteric teachings to help them understand and improve their craft. Although their art is not understood by many, it is like magic. However, it is awe-inspiring to those who see it. Frameworks and Project Management Methodologies
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