Google Cloud Spanner, a fully managed relational database, offers unlimited scalability, robust consistency and up to 99.999% availability. It provides all the benefits of relational semantics as well as SQL at an unbounded scale. This service can be used at any size, and you can scale it up or down according to your needs. This is why this service is so popular with major corporations. This blog will help you find the answer. We will cover all the main features of Cloud Spanner and how to get started. So, let’s begin!
What is Google Cloud Spanner and how can it help you?
Google Cloud Spanner, a fully managed relational database, has high availability and zero planned downtime. It also allows remote modification of schemas. This service offers high-performance transactions across continents and regions with high levels of consistency. It will also be a strong innovator, with features such as autonomous sharding completely eliminating manual work. This technology also has many benefits:
It is a globally distributed, ACID compliant database that manages replication, shredding, and transaction processing automatically. This allows you to grow quickly to meet any use pattern and ensure product success.
Cloud Spanner is based upon Google’s dedicated network. It has been battle tested by billions who use Google services. It provides 99.999% availability with zero downtime for scheduled maintenance and schema upgrades.
Finally, IT administrators and DBAs can operate databases. Cloud Spanner makes it easy to create or grow a globally replicated database. This will help you lower your database maintenance costs.
Use cases
Spanner is used to develop multiplayer games worldwide
Spanner is a globally scalable, distributed SQL database service that separates storage and computation. This allows processing resources to scale independently from storage. Spanner’s distributed scalability makes the service a great choice for unexpected workloads such as online gaming.
Image Source: Google CloudFeatures for Cloud Spanner
1. Built for scale, relational database
Schemas, SQL queries, and ACID transactions–everything you’d expect from a relational database–are battle-tested and ready to grow internationally.
2. Available
Cloud Spanner offers multi-regional instances 99.999 percent availability, which is 10x more than the industry average of four nines. It also provides transparent, synchronous replication across regions and multi-region setups.
3. Automatic sharding
Cloud Spanner increases performance by sharding data based upon the number of requests and amount of data. Cloud Spanner allows you to focus on your business and not worrying about expanding your database.
4. Strong transactional consistency
Cloud Spanner was designed to provide industry-leading external consistency, without compromising scalability and availability.
5. PostgreSQL interface (Preview)
Combine Spanner’s scalability, dependability, and PostgreSQL’s familiarity with mobility. To ensure your investment is secure in the future, use the skills and technologies your team is already familiar with.
6. Multi-regional and regional configurations
Spanner-powered apps are able to read and write consistent, up-to-date data regardless of where your users may be located. Multi-region instances are also protected from regional failure and have an industry-leading availability.
7. BigQuery allows you to create federated queries.
Query data from BigQuery in Spanner can be accessed in real-time, without the need to transfer or copy it. This bridges the gap between analytical and operational data and provides a single data cycle.
8. Built on the Google Cloud network
Cloud Spanner is built using Google’s dedicated network. This network offers low latency and security to customers around the globe.
9. Secured enterprise-grade products