Story written by Wolfgang Winter, Project Manager at seowerk
How can you make an impact on the world around you?
Seowerk helps customers succeed in online marketing, no matter if they are a small business or large software company. We help everyone to be visible online and grow their business. We were founded in 2014 with three employees in a small office. Now we have 30 colleagues in Augsburg, Germany. We were able expand our services beyond search engine optimization and Google Ads by acquiring more experts. This allows us to provide individual support and is tailored to each client’s needs. What would you call Real Work?
Real Work is being satisfied with the end result and making customers happy. The best case scenario is to have fun. What does a day look like in your life?
Our typical day begins with turning on the coffee machine while our colleagues arrive. ActiveCollab is our constant companion throughout the day, after we have had our first cup of coffee and checked our emails. We are divided into different teams at seowerk. These include search engine optimization, content marketing, and search engine advertising. Each colleague is assigned a different client and task, which are then processed throughout the day. Customers who are responsible for multiple online marketing disciplines may assign us small meetings to discuss current status. ActiveCollab’s comment function has proved to be very helpful for important notes. The customer can now communicate with them directly through the project management tool, instead of via e-mail. We are a service provider and are in constant contact with customers, technical support, and other internal or external parties. It’s safe to say that communication is a major part of our day. How does ActiveCollab fit into your day?
ActiveCollab is a great resource for our daily work. Each subtask of each online marketing channel is defined and assigned to the appropriate person. The tool can be used to show activity transparency by recording hours worked. The application clearly displays deadlines that have been agreed upon with the customer. ActiveCollab makes it easy to keep track of everything with an intuitive interface.