PMP Certification refers the qualification certification for project management professionals (personnel).
Project Management Institute (PMI), which organizes the Project Management Professional (PMP), certification exam, has been promoted in over 190 countries and regions all over the world. It is currently the most valuable certification for project management.
A PMP certificate is not only a way to improve the project management skills of a project manager but it also reflects the manager’s personal competitiveness. It is a symbol for the status of project management professionals.
Since 1999, PMP certification in China has been promoted by the international proctoring agency Prometric. They also conduct invigilation and examinations.
PMP is an internationally recognized certification exam for project management.
Learning project management is more than a matter of mastering and understanding. My view is that project management knowledge comes from a high-level summary and analysis of the actual work process, as well as lessons learned and other norms. It is found in the many different types of project work. The promotion of modern project management knowledge in China is intensifying and increasing in importance. More people are taking the International Qualification Certification (PMP), exam after another.
The Shandong branch of PMP is the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. It addresses the current situation of unit manager who need to improve their teamwork, comprehensive management, time management and other capabilities. It also condenses the key points of unit staff regarding project management capabilities. This program aims to popularize project management knowledge.
Develop project managers (PMP) in accordance with international standards. This will improve the project manager’s skills in project management as well as the ability to solve related problems within the unit.
The application of knowledge and theories has a guiding and reference value for daily work.
When I first became aware of project management knowledge, I was a little unsure about how to master the various tools and processes of PMP.
It is difficult to understand and apply it in practice under completely abstract conditions.
Not to mention my own weaknesses, as I don’t have enough project management experience. I struggle to understand the text in the first stage of the course study. I often get lost after only a few pages.
It is no longer possible to come back to rewatch. It takes a lot more time and effort.
Many people who have worked in management positions feel exhausted, even though they have a lot of experience.
Because I lack a management system, my mind is confused and unable manage clearly.
Learning PMP will allow you to organize your management experience and create a management system that suits your needs, so you can achieve orderly work.
You can learn PMP systematically, integrate you own knowledge system, and improve your thinking ability. You will be able to quickly organize your work, improve efficiency, solve large projects management problems, and even be able to sort out the order of things.
Learning PMP will allow you to communicate effectively with professionals in the same field and improve your literacy.
Learning PMP will allow you to gain more knowledge, improve your connotation, and help with management in all aspects.
A person who has strong management skills, speaks well in interviews and is proficient with various tools, can’t be overlooked by a company. PMP is to demonstrate to the