Take a closer look at the differences between old and new CCNA, plus CCNA 200-301 specifics
As you all know, there are many changes coming to the CCNA starting February 24, 2020. Although CCNA certification is a standard for many years now, the exams continue to evolve in order to keep up with industry trends and needs. This infographic by Cisco explains the changes and how they could affect you. CCENT and CCNA have been merged into one certification.
Cisco’s latest tools are essential for managing and building networks. Those who are preparing for the ICND1 or ICND2 exams should work hard to pass them before February 24, as it is only beneficial to their benefit. This article will compare the new Cisco CCNA exam to the old. We will also discuss why it is important to get your CCNA certificate as soon as possible before any changes occur.
Sharing similar topics: A person who has only completed ICND1 can still benefit from the CCNA 200-302 exam. Many topics between ICND1 & CCNA 200-302 will be identical. Nearly 80% of the exam covers topics from the previous generation. This means that your prior study won’t be wasted. In a later section, we’ll go over the similarities in greater detail.
You’ll Receive the Same Certification: If your current CCNA certificates (CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Industrial etc.) are valid, you will automatically be issued the same certification. You will automatically receive the new CCNA certification.
Avoid unnecessary stress: It can be stressful when topics that you have spent a lot time studying are no longer relevant. Don’t stress. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something isn’t relevant to the real world, just because it’s not in the new exam. It’s just more real-world knowledge!
CCNA Valid for Three Years: Exam versions are rarely considered by hiring managers. You don’t need to renew your certification if you take your exam now.

Similarities between The Old CCNA and The New CCNA
The core topics of the Cisco CCNA 200-301 have always included knowledge about OSI and its first four levels. The Cisco CCNA 200-301 is no different.
The physical layer of OSIData Link LayerNetwork LayerTransport LayerNetworks was assembled 15 years ago in a similar manner to modern ones. It is essential to understand cabling types and uses, Ethernet operation, TCP/UDP, and IP routing. These are the topics that will be tested in the new CCNA exam. Other things that have changed are those which change with each revision of the exam. These include networking protocols and higher-level concepts.
What is the Difference Between The Old CCNA and The New CCNA Exams?
The CCNA 200–125 exam and the new CCNA200-301 exam are different in terms of importance. They both assess different modules as well.
Weightage differences
CCNA 200-12CCNA 200-3-WAN Technologies (10%) -Infrastructure Security (10%) -Infrastructure Management (11%) -Network Fundamentals (15%) -LAN Switchi