How do you test PMP?
The PMP exam has 200 multiple-choice questions. It takes 4 hours to complete the answer sheet. The paper is available in both English and Chinese. If the meaning of the paper is unclear, the original English text will prevail. The PMP is both a mental and physical test. The exam will be held at 9 o’clock. However, you should arrive in the examination room by eight o’clock. You must have a good breakfast as the test will end at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

You will receive the exam results after 4 to 6 weeks. However, you cannot see your individual scores but only the grade. There is no score line. PMI determines the passing ratio and divides it based on the number of people who have taken the exam. There’s a lot of luck involved because you don’t know the level of the other one.

You will not be able to answer these questions, as 25 of the 200 multiple-choice question are not graded. PMI will not publish any reference answers. The probability of passing is high if at least 130 questions are correctly answered.
How do you prepare for the exam?
Reading is essential, as all the PMBOK test points can be found in the book. You will be able to identify which knowledge point is being tested if you have finished the book and seen the question. It is easier to choose the correct answer. If you don’t read enough books, you will feel that every option is correct.

You should read at least five times to prepare for the PMBOK exam. You can quickly flip the book once you have the book. To understand the contents of the book, you should read the chapter titles and boldface. Before class, read the book again. This will give you more time to get a better understanding of the book’s content. It is better to learn the English version. It is helpful to remember some concepts and words in English for the exam. After the lecture, go through the book and complete the chapter exercises. Next, you will need to complete the topic to read the book once again. Before the exam, go over the key points again. It is easy to get sleepy at first, so you won’t be devoted to it. It will be difficult to fall asleep if I use English to read with you.

Next, I will finish the questions before the exam. I completed four sets of PMP simulations and chapter practice. A month before the exam, I had completed the daily PMP questions and practiced the chapter. It is possible to feel more routines by finishing more questions. This is very helpful. Good luck is a great help when taking an exam. You may be asked questions you didn’t finish. Many people prepare for exams while they work. Their personal time is limited so it is difficult to follow the preparation plan. It is important to start reading as soon as possible and to be very strict with yourself.
About Training Course
You should still enroll in a PMP training program. Listening to the teacher will help you better understand the knowledge points within the book. Second, all training institutions have PMP question banks that they have developed over the years. These are not easily found on the Internet. It is important to complete questions, as we have already mentioned. Third, experienced teachers can summarize topic routines to help students sum up the key points of the book. Training institutions can help you with the registration materials review, payment arrangements, and follow-up PDU. They will solve your problems. A good training class can be a great help. You should look for the regular class. Your friend can recommend others who have completed the training courses.

Finally, I wish