As businesses and consumers adopt digital transformation, the importance of high-quality online storage services is growing. This trend will continue into 2020, with more reliance on online storage in the Cloud. Both individuals and enterprises are now shifting their attention from local storage infrastructure and infrastructure to Cloud storage. To help you choose the right one, we have compiled a list of the top ten free Cloud storage services for 2019.
What is Cloud storage? And why do you need it.
Cloud storage allows you access data from anywhere, and is accessible from any device. It is a great way to increase your productivity and efficiency by backing up important data and protecting it. There are many benefits to the traditional way of storing data on hard drives. All data can be lost if the storage drive is infected with malware or viruses. Cloud storage can be used to replace the traditional storage devices that businesses use to store data and back up files on hard drives.
Top 10 Cloud Storage Services Free
There are many options for Cloud storage. It is important to choose the right provider to give you the best storage and bandwidth, while protecting your data. This blog post will share a list with the best Cloud storage providers, which we offer for free.
Degoo offers 100GB of storage space for free when you create an account. Refer friends to the service to get 500GB more. Each user who creates an account through your referral receives 3GB storage. You can choose which files you want to back up but it is done automatically every 24hrs to ensure that your files are always up-to-date. This software is different from other Cloud storage products. You will need to choose a folder on your computer that will hold your backed up files, or create a new one. You can place your files in the folder you want to keep online, and then Degoo will run to back up your data online. You can access your Cloud storage account from your PC using the desktop program or the mobile app for Android and iPhone.
Amazon Drive offers a cloud storage product called Amazon Drive. It provides unlimited photo storage and 5GB storage space for files or videos to its prime members. Users can share documents to create public links that can be accessed by anyone who uses them, even if they don’t have an Amazon account. It does not support folder sharing. You can upload the documents with either the web version or desktop client software. It also offers a mobile app that allows you to upload photos and videos from iOS or Android devices.
MyDrive is another cloud storage service that is free, but it offers less space than the other products on this list. Although uploads are unlimited, MyDrive limits you to 100MB. This means that your maximum file size is 100MB. Document sharing is not possible on the site. You must provide a guest username, password, and a user name. This service has the best feature that you can download multiple files from the archive and then restore the deleted files within one month of deleting them from your account. The desktop app can be accessed on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Windows PCs. Mobile devices can access the IOS and Android apps. You can also connect your MyDrive account via webDAV.
Jumpshare offers 2GB of free storage that allows you to upload many types of files. Jumpshare offers 18GB free storage to users who refer others to the service. The file limit is 250MB. The desktop program allows for screen recording and screenshots. The downloadable program can be accessed for the M