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A little obscure and unknown from the sport lovers, triathlon is nevertheless one of the most gall bearing games. This sport involves of swimming, cycling and running various distances. Thus, a player of triathlon needs to be not just proficient at one of these three sports, but all the three. There requires, therefore, special training programs for the sport of triathlon. In this section, we provide with comprehensive tips on training for triathlon, the tips on energy preservation, enhancing stamina and endurance, the rules of the game, various stages of triathlon etc. While you read this and prepare for the hardships of the training, we also fill you in on other related information like organizations dealing with triathlon, the tournaments and events world wide, the apparel requirements for the game, choosing the best apparel for each stage, timing of the changing of the apparel, facts about triathlon, its history and much more. Just take a dip into the waters of knowledge and ride your way through the game, running a winning streak.
Displaying 1-9 of 9 result(s).What Is The Morgan's Little Miami Triathlon And How To Train For ItPosted by Connor R Sullivan. Published on Sep 22, 2009 When many people think of triathlons they think of the most famous one which is the Iron Man triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. This article will describe the Morgan's Little Miami triathlon and how to train for it. Your Ironman Triathlon Training And The Benefits Of VisualizationPosted by Ray Fauteux. Published on Aug 11, 2009 There are many ways to prepare for an ironman triathlon besides swimming, biking and running. Using the visualization technique can be instrumental in preparing you for your first ironman challenge. Beginner Triathlete? The Ironman On A BudgetPosted by Ray Fauteux. Published on May 24, 2009 Beginner Triathlete? In these recessionary times when disposable income is at a premium, it is possible to take on the Ironman triathlon even if you are on a tight budget. The Development Of The Triathlon BikePosted by Tom S Smith. Published on Apr 06, 2009 Prior to the 1980, people had no idea that something spectacular as the triathlon bike would be created. Although triathlons were very new at this time, earlier bike designs, even those made for racing were very different from what we see today. The first triathlon bike was the brainchild of two men, Dan Empfield and Ralph Ray. In 1989, Empfield developed the first design, which he called the Quintana Roo Superform. Five Reasons To Attempt Your First TriathlonPosted by Rich Ruzic. Published on Mar 16, 2009 Triathlons are for everybody and that is a fact. There is an event and a place for every skill level. That is not to say that anyone can go out and finish one tomorrow. However, with just a little drive and discipline, there is a place for everyone who wants to be involved. It is my hope that everyone gets to feel the satisfaction that comes with finishing something you never thought possible. Here are some reasons to get started today. Triathlon Wear – A Harder Decision Than "mom, What Should I Wear?"Posted by Jonathan Sterns. Published on Jan 09, 2009 Choosing which triathlon wear to buy can be a monumental task given all the products available today. But deciding on which product is right for you shouldn't and doesn't have to be so difficult. Read on to learn how your life can be made a little easier. Looking To Do Your First Triathlon?Posted by Kannan Selliyan. Published on Dec 28, 2008 Getting started in triathlons can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. We've put together a few pointers to help you out and hopefully put you at ease. Ways To Make Swimming Workouts Fun For Groups Of PeoplePosted by Duane Dobko. Published on Dec 11, 2008 Let's face it. There are a lot of sights to be seen while running outdoors. And with cycling, you get to see miles and miles in training. There's just not an equivalent in swimming. For the most part, you are training in an indoor pool going back and forth in the same place. The purpose of this article is to show ways to make your pool workouts more fun and exciting. It may never be as exciting as watching the great outdoors whiz by. But these workout ideas may make you a little more interested in hitting the pool more often. Women's Triathlon Prove That Soccer Moms Can Go The DistancePosted by June Carr. Published on Dec 02, 2008 When the women's Olympic triathlon made its debut in the Sydney Olympic Games, it was not the dawning of a new age for women, rather the recognition of what they have accomplished for years. The honor of the first (and possibly most famous) female athlete, may go to Babe Didrikson Zaharias, 1911-1956 who won three Olympic medals years before it was fashionable and was known as America's greatest female athlete. If she were alive and in her prime, she'd probably be training for the women's triathlon. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.