Why choose PMP Certification?
A few years back, a friend of mine told me that she had passed her PMP exam and received the certificate. She shared some concepts and ideas about project management with me. I also had problems managing a project at the time. I decided to also learn PMP.
Before Learning PMP
I had some knowledge of project management. I knew that the clients and project members were different but didn’t know what the differences were. I knew only a few stages, such as research and development, design and testing, and application. I was unable to give an exact answer as to the output of each stage or their roles in the project.
After Learning PMP
1. Improving your project management ability
I can analyse a project and manage it scientifically. The success of a project is determined by three key factors: scope, progress, cost, and quality. A project has a limited time frame and a defined scope. It is important to understand the expectations and requirements of the initiator, as well as the budget and demands. It is important to calculate the cost of a project. The most expensive part of a software project is the manual labor cost. The cost of a software project is generally stable if the time and demands are known. Cost will change as scope and time change. The relationship between project cost and time is an inverted parabolic form. We must also consider quality. A quality project is meaningful and valuable only. Otherwise, it is a failure. These factors should be carefully considered when weighing them so that we can create a project that is successful.
2.Know the PMP Involved Knowledge Domains
PMP covers all aspects of project integration management, project scope, cost, quality and risk management. Here I will talk about project risk management. We must assess the risk before we start a project in a new area. Project outcomes, customer satisfaction, and payment of project acceptance will all be affected by the impact of risk.
3. Increase your personal opportunities
Our company did bidding last year. I was not originally the project manager. The client required that the project manager be certified by PMI PMP. I was then appointed to the job. Only I have the certificate in our department. The certificate is highly recognized by the listed companies, which emphasize project management skills and ideas.
The PMP exam helped me gain a better understanding of project management. I now have a clear understanding of the direction I should be working towards after I have absorbed the knowledge. I believe I can create a better plan to achieve my goals. To pass the PMI PMP exam with a high score, it is recommended that you do a complete PMP exam prep.