The PMP exam was the first certification exam to receive the ISO9001 International Quality Approval in 1999. It has since been one of the most respected certification exams in the world. How much should we pay to take this exam? Is there hidden consumption?

The answer is clear: all expenses associated with PMP certification exam are transparent. There are no hidden fees. The registration fee is submitted to the PMI, Project Management Institute official site. We also submit the fee for re-certification to the PMI official site. Any misappropriate payment behavior will be prevented. Let’s take a look at what it will cost to take part in the PMI PMP exam in 2021.
Registering Fee
The PMP exam fee can be submitted online. The fee should be submitted online only after you have signed up in both English or Chinese. China International Talent Exchange Foundation issues the invoice. The PMP exam fee currently stands at 605 USD. The PMI has adjusted the PMP exam fee in mainland China since March 2018. The current standard is: The PMP exam fees for the first time are approximately 605 USD. If you fail the exam the first time, the exam fee for the second attempt is 388USD. The exam fee has been cancelled as per the PMI standard in mainland China since March 2018.
Training costs
Due to the PMP exam’s speciality, training costs are generally included in the PMP exam fees. Candidates must provide 35 PDUs. The proof will usually be provided by professional PMP training institutions such as SPOTO. There is no standard cost for PMP training. Training fees vary between certification centers, and can range from 310USD up to 465USD.
Re-certification Fee
You must get at least 60 PDUs every three years from the date you took the exam. You will also need to pay 150USD to PMI for the maintenance fee to maintain your PMP quality. You will receive a new PMI certification after completing these steps in 6-8 weeks.

PMP places a high value on project management skills. The learning content of PMI PMP Certification includes five major process groups and ten knowledge domains. This includes all knowledge about tools, technologies and models used at all stages of project management. The first function of PMP certification can be described as helping learners improve their current work efficiency and project management skills. Project management professionals who have studied the PMBOK scientific knowledge structure and the PMP textbook can improve their project management skills and perform, which can lead to a rise in salary, job promotion, and the development of businesses. It is obvious that PMP certification has a significant value. SPOTO is a good option if you’re looking for PMP certification training online.